DIY Fish Scale Wall Decor

When it comes to new projects, the anticipation can be just as much fun as actually completing it. And because it’s so much fun to think about the options you have and get creative ideas about what you want your next endeavor to be, it’s really hard when you don’t have a lot of time…

DIY Pebble Heart Wall Decor

If you’re a big time crafter, you might find yourself running out of ideas from time to time. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of something new and different enough to pique your interest, especially if you complete projects all the time. However, there is inspiration everywhere. That means, if you just look around and think…

DIY Paper Straw Wreath

Some people who enjoy arts and crafts are more than willing to spend a fortune on their projects, and they have the means to do this. On the flip side, a lot of people are crafty on a budget, whether due to short finances or simply being frugal. What is universally true is that some…

Birthday surprise room makeover! My twins are 9 today and while they were at their dad’s for the weekend we went in and made over their room. 48 hours, a ton of paint, and sports car inspiration!

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Made a headboard and dressing area/closet for some neighbors to better utilize a long narrow bedroom space.

I think this came out really well, and they seem happy (young couple buying their first house). The LED lights are cool – you can change the colors using a remote and they were only about $15 on Amazon. headboard side – made out of real barn boards with usb and power outlets and reading…

King Headboard Inspired by A Reddit Post

submitted by /u/Kheimbr [link] [comments] Continue reading at Click Here Top Featured Tags: – DIYPress Release Distribution Service

Wire Line to GFCI Switch Combo to Outlet

I currently have a 12/3 Line providing power to a paddle switch that then provides power to an outlet where the pull tab has been removed. I would like to add a GFCI switch combo to replace the regular switch and provide power to the outlet. The outlet currently powers my dishwasher and garbage disposal.…

Help me remove kitchen sink cabinet plumbing

I am removing a sink cabinet temporarily to demolish the tile floor under it. The cabinet is going away in about a month when new kitchen cabinets arrive, so after demolishing the floor, I need to put it back temporarily to have a functioning kitchen sink. The hot and cold water pipes are 1/2″ copper…

Redecking while Re-roofing

My house is in CA (USA, we don’t have many stroms / heavy winds) and i am undergoing a re-roofing project. House is about ~65 year old the current “plank decking” looks in decent condition. Is it a good idea to put a OSB on top of it to make it a “SOLID SHEATHING” before…

How I shot this “Fructis” product image

I decided to make this image for my product portfolio. I think it is important to build images with total creative freedom, without having to follow a client’s needs. This way, we can experiment and look for new concepts. I already had the Fructis shampoo containers in the studio for a long time to make…

Panasonic S 85mm f/1.8 L Mount lens specs leak – announcement expected November 5th

An 85mm f/1.8 lens for the Leica L mount has been on Panasonic’s roadmap for a long time. In fact, the updated roadmap shows lenses that weren’t there in February’s list when the 85mm f/1.8 appeared on it. Now, though, it looks like it’s finally going to be coming in just three days, according to yet…

Apple kills off 3rd party iPhone 12 camera repairs thanks to proprietary Apple tool requirement

If you’re one of those who’s jumped on the new iPhone 12 smartphones, be ready to take very good care of it because if you kill the camera, there’s no inexpensive repair option. It will have to go back to either Apple or one of the few (expensive) authorised repair centres, iFixit has discovered in…

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