This hands-on review looks at Canon 1DX Mark III performance in real world use to shoot NFL

If you’re a fan of sports, you’ve no doubt seen the work of photographer Peter Read Miller at some point, even if you haven’t been aware of it. He’s been covering sports photography for over three decades and he’s managed to get his hands on a new Canon 1DX Mark III. In this video, he…

How to build a massive DIY orbital spinning camera rig

Making cameras move in ways that are different can be a challenge, especially as cameras and all their associated bits seem to keep getting bigger and heavier. In a recent short film release, Skywatch, filmmaker Jason Levy needed to produce a camera rig which orbited around an object in a scene, early on in the…

Celebrities are sharing photos for different social media in this viral meme format, and it’s hilarious

When Dolly Parton posted a photo of herself on her 74th birthday, I doubt that she had in mind what she would start. She posted four photos that jokingly emphasize the differences between people’s photos on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. Soon enough, her post started a viral thread among celebrities. Everyone is sharing their…

US lighting manufacturer DynaLite goes bust – files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

In a statement posted to their website, New Jersey-based lighting company, DynaLite, founded in 1970 has closed its doors and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They say that they find it “difficult to remain competitive” and have decided to close the company. It is with sincere regret and a heavy hard that I announce that…

Mauricio commented on Felix Meissner’s blog post New Project: Implementing Autopilot Control in a Hybrid 4WD RC Mulcher

Mauricio commented on Felix Meissner’s blog post New Project: Implementing Autopilot Control in a Hybrid 4WD RC Mulcher Continue reading at Click Here

New Valve Project Completed

Attachment 811437I’m a newbie, but have been enjoying following the forums for quite a while. This is actually my third valve amp project. I build this one for myself so I wanted an original looking system. I made the chassis made it from scratch using a 1/8” copper stock and 1” copper pipe for the…

FS: ARA BE crossover parts

Would like to sell crossover parts for SBacoustics ARA BE loudspeakers. I think I spend like 200+euro for it and would like to get 150euro with shipping in EU. All parts are Jantzen R1 2.2 10W Superes R2 8.2 10W Superes R3 6.8 10W Superes R4 3.9 10W Superes R5 12 10W Superes R6 5.6…

OB Woofer Assist – does it make a different SP wave than a sealed box?

Been Playing today with an 18″ on an OB as a Woofer Assistant to a wideband driver. Basically playing with the speaker level crossover values and driven by its own amp whos level I can set independently. It makes bass, oh, definite bass. Drums and Bass guitar sounding very fast and I can make a…

setting midpoint voltage and Q amp

How should a jlh amp be set up for first time setting the bias and midpoint voltage? Should I have speakers connected and a preamp on with audio signal input? I have all 4 pots turned all the way down (clockwise) and am ready to do this but I’m scared..I don’t want to blow another…

Orion 250 hcca gen 2 power supply blown

Hello, I have a gen 2 Orion 250 hcca that appears to need extensive power supply repairs, at least. It appears that one side of the clamped transistors (FETs I think for this amp) are gone (several show a short), and perhaps several on the other side. The board shows some related damage, but looks…

No tweeters and bass distortion

Hello JX500 is a subwoofer amp JX360 is a amp for components and coaxial speakers my JX360/2 having issues playing component/coaxial speakers, i have no tweeter sounds and just get distorted bass, any volume. I have a JL Audio CP212 pushing 2 12″ subs, connected to a JX5001D subwoofer amplifier I acquired a 2 channel…

Hitachi 2SK133 2SJ48

I have 10 Hitachi 2SJ48’s, 9 2SK133’s and 1 2SK134 that have never been powered. These are original Hitachi parts I got in 1979 or thereabouts. The date code markings on the 2SJ48’s and the 2SK133’s say Japan 9B1. The 2SK134 is marked Japan 8J3. They are still in the styrofoam packaging as received from…

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