IBIS is coming to Canon’s EOS M APS-C Mirrorless cameras… probably

It’s the one feature that Canon EOS M mirrorless shooters have been begging for years to get. It’s what the early adopters of Canon’s EOS R and EOS RP cameras have been asking for, too. In-body image stabilisation. It’s a feature that many of Canon’s competitors have had for years, and now Canon has finally…

When client asks you for a reshoot, who should pay for it?

No matter how thorough you plan out a shoot, it happens that it sometimes goes wrong. There can be many reasons for it, and the client could ask you to do a reshoot. This is one of those tricky situations that are not always easy to resolve. Should the client pay for the second shoot,…

Pentax reveals some details about their new flagship APS-C DSLR

In a video published to the Pentax Photography YouTube channel, Ricoh has revealed some more details on its upcoming new flagship APS-C DSLR. It’s the second part of a series by Pentax (Part 1 is lower down in this post) to “reinforce its commitment to DSLR photography“. It might seem a little mad to cling…

Bug in latest PSUD 2.20.0

When simulating a center-tap full-wave rectifier circuit, the transformer current is high by a factor of 1.414 (should be same as diode current) and waveform shows positive and negative pulses (should be positive only). Both occur only with latest version. And the table formatting is awful – need to resize every column each time I…

EAR 8L6 50W/Ch 240 to 110V

Hi, A friend of mine just upgraded his system and would like to send me his EAR 8L6 integrated amplifier. He thinks that EAR stuff probably has a dual voltage tap in its main transformer so a technician in the States may be able to wire it for 120V, is he correct? Cheers, Horacio Continue…

ags TRIO / Kenwood KW-55A mag phono pre-amp weak channel

I have been doing battle with this unit for more than 2 years. And thanks to help recieved on this forum, gotten guidance enough to have overcome it’s preliminary issues. It has been resurected to some degree. New power tubes from Jim McShane, all new electrolytic capacitors, all of the original gray capacitors and the…

>Buy house

>Buy house>Want to replace 1980 sockets and wall plates>Every outlet is 12ga and daisy chained to others What did I do to deserve this? I literally cannot push the shit back into the box after hours and hours of effort. I dunno how the original person ever did it. I bent the wires as best…

What tools do I need to build something like this?

What tools do I need to build something like this? Continue reading at 4chan.org: Click Here Top Featured Tags: – DIYPress Release Distribution Service

Best support angle

I’m retarded and can’t figure out the best support angle for the SELF STANDING HANGBOARD STAND that I’m making. I’m asking for four side support “legs”. The structure will be used for training on a hangboard (rock climbing exercise tool)/pull-up bar combination, so it has to withstand my weight easily. What’s the best course of…

What are actual differences in alpine 7903,7903ms,alpine 7904,7906R,and 7909,and 7909j and anniversary edition head units

Hi, I would like to know what is the difference especially with the alpine 7903 7903ms 7904 and 7906 alpine head units, They pretty much look all the same. I know the alpine 7909J and 7909 anniversary head units were supposed to have better specs than the other units, But a few members from other…

car stereo NOT powering ON?…….

Hey guys, I bought a cheap radio for the time being at Walmart, but don’t think the price has anything to do with the problem I’m having, I took out the factory radio, wired up a new wire harness CORRECTLY, tried to turn on the radio with no luck, like I stated I know I…

The long and involved process of upgrading my 2016 Macan S stereo system

Howdy all, I have a new vehicle and I’m back to my old addiction. I feel the need to gut this sucker and refine the stock audio system. Meet my latest project: It looks like there is ample room to place subs and amp(s) in the rear hatch: The… The long and involved process of…

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