Is this a flower or a weed? I have no idea

Is this a flower or a weed? I have no idea. It’s in my rose garden. Bought the house last summer so I have no fucking idea Continue reading at Click Here

Rust in gas tank

I have an old scooter that I just cleaned the rust out of, the gas tank had a nasty bit of rust but a sandblaster removed it easily. But now it’s bare metal, can I just paint the insides with enamel paint? Or will gasoline melt the paint off? Just better to leave the metal…

Fixing psu

Problem:Attempts to turn it on make the fans start to split for a small fraction of a second(including through paperclip test) I can’t see anything visably wrong with the circuitry. I do have a sig gen/oscope/multimeter but honestly don’t care enough to go that deep into it.Any suggestions, or am I just better off just…

Incerdibly lazy question about HELIX DSP software and REW and Dirac and is there a Car DSP for dummies book? (I have audiofrogs one seat tuning guide)

Hi all I have a single din Kenwood KDC-X7100DAB, a helix ultra, a fully sound deadened 4WD station wagon and: front speakers Hertz Mille MLK 1650.3 legend -2Way rear speakers Hertz Mille MLK 165.3 legend – 2Way subs are two Hertz EBXF20.5 – 8″ Enclosed Subwoofer boxes amps three Hertz HP802 SPL – class AB…

Amp hours ?

So I know that Lithium batteries are really great for car audio for a lot of reasons… But if a Lithium battery is rated at, lets just say 45 ah, wouldn’t an AGM rated at 90 ah have twice the reserve power of said Lithium ? Honestly, I’m still trying to imagine any reason why…

Northeast guys…competitions?

I see plenty of competitions on the west coast and down south. Rarely do I see anything about SQ competitions in the northeast area (PA/NJ/DE, etc) Do any of you guys compete, and where? I’m considering giving it a go… Continue reading at Click Here

WTB JVC (Victor) UA-7082 tonearm

Like the title says, I’m looking for the JVC or Victor UA-7082 tonearm. This is the long arm version of the UA-7045 arm. Might consider a UA-7045 arm as well. Other things of interest are Victor TT 71 and TT 81 motor drives. Thank you BillWojo Continue reading at Click Here

FS: JDS Labs O2 Headphone Amp (like new) – NO BATTERIES

I bought this O2 brand new from JDS directly. I took some measurements and posted my review. After that, the amp sat on a shelf collecting dust. That’s a crying shame, so since I no longer need it, I figured I’d sell it. I took the amp out of storage and tested it. It works…


Hi… Please i need schematics for this Model: – amplified speaker DAG12 MHII 1000 Thinks Attached Images DAG.jpg (45.3 KB) Continue reading at Click Here

10,000 pennies made a boring space way more interesting.

submitted by /u/snakel [link] [comments] Continue reading at Click Here

My wife and I replaced our garden fence and added a chicken run for our new hens.

submitted by /u/Garage_Dragon [link] [comments] Continue reading at Click Here

My son’s new solar system bedroom ceiling! Complete with glow in the dark planets!

submitted by /u/ZizLah [link] [comments] Continue reading at Click Here

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