Hands on with the Samyang AF 18mm f/2.8 FE for landscape photography

Samyang has won themselves a reputation for manufacturing sharp and budget-friendly lenses. Their first offerings were pure manual, like the now renowned Samyang 14mm f/2.8. A lens that swiftly became a favorite among nightscape photographers. The lens is sharp, lightweight, cheap, and it yields great stars with little to no coma (comet-like distortion). Now comes…

This guy used AI to upscale a film shot in 1896 to 4K

AI has already been used to upscale images and increase their resolution. But how about applying it to a film? A 124-year-old silent film, to be exact? Denis Shiryaev used AI on Lumière Brothers’ The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station and turned the iconic 1896 film into a 4K 60fps video. Let’s…

Photographer captures the aurora from his plane seat

Rajesh Jyothiswara tells DIYP that he for a few years has tried to capture the northern lights from a plane. High above the clouds covering Greenland he finally succeeded. Rajesh adds that getting a suitable window seat is mandatory in order to capture the aurora from a plane. What makes this image so special is…

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year winners show all the beauty in the world around us

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year (ILPOTY) has announced the winners of the 2019 contest. Both professional and amateur photographers from all over the globe posted their photos, and the best of the best have been selected. From vast spaces to abstract patterns, the winning photos show the immense beauty of the world that…

76-year-old wins Photographer of the Year award for second time with amazing intimate image

Dr Fong Chan Onn from Malaysia has won the prestigious Photographer of the Year 2019 by The Societies. The 76 year old photographer also won the title last year. The judges remarked, “This image and its huge impact held the judge’s attention for a long time. You can almost smell the smoke in the room.…

Coronavirus outbreak “could affect image sensor and electronics business enormously” says Sony

Sony has spoken up on the coronavirus outbreak in China and the effects it may have on its image sensor and other operations. The Nikkei reports that despite initially raising its operating profit and revenue forecasts for the current fiscal year, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki said the coronavirus “may negate our revised earnings outlook”. The…

What happens when a major photo magazine shuts down?

Last week, Emerald Expositions, the owner of Photo District News (PDN), announced that PDN would no longer publish new content online or in print. The magazine had been a staple of the professional photography industry, particularly for advertising and commercial photography. PDN’s articles covered a wide range of topics that included gear announcement, industry news, and the…

More specs on the Godox AD1200Pro released by Pixapro

In December, word of an upcoming Godox AD1200Pro got out. As usually happens, Adorama popped up a listing almost immediately afterwards. That listing didn’t really reveal much except for a few product photos, though. Now, the UK’s biggest Godox distributor, Pixapro, has also put up a listing for the Pixapro CITI1200Pro, showing off some of…

Google Photos may have sent your private videos to random strangers

Always be careful what you put in “the cloud”, people. Google Photos is facing yet another controversy as Google reveals that a “technical issue” may have included your videos in somebody else’s export download archive. Google faced a similar issue last year with Vu Android TVs that were showing other peoples photos. Google has started…

Houss Pin commented on Jeff Taylor’s blog post Event 38 Mission Planning & Mapping Workflow Updates

Houss Pin commented on Jeff Taylor’s blog post Event 38 Mission Planning & Mapping Workflow Updates Continue reading at DIYdrones.com: Click Here

How to test amplifier

This isn’t a DIY amp, but I want to test it/measure it myself so it’s kind of a DIY question. I had a Mark Levinson amp (model 335) sitting unused in a closet for about 15 years. I’ve started using it again, and it sounds great. But there seems to be a slight channel imbalance.…

TL494 directly driving Mosfets (OLD AMP)

I’m repairing an really old amp (at 25years+ old, maybe even more). PS section was totally destroyed. I don’t know the original gate resistor values and ps mosfets. TL494 was also dead (originally it was Toshiba TL494). So i’ve replaced the TL494, fitted 47 ohm gate resistors and 4 irfz44. Initially there were no proper…

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