FOR SALE: A Pair of DIY Sound Group Fusion 12 speakers

Make an offer: These speakers are heavy, and are minimally packaged. Pickup from northeastern Pennsylvania 18661 preferred. -Kit of parts -Flat pack cabinet kit -Other necessaries purchased: glue, lining, binding posts, paint, boxes for (external) crossovers. You can see from the response curve shown on the Fusion 12 page that there is a…


Siemens F2A tubes

4 pieces of F2A tubes for sale $400usd OBO , one of the pair is used for a few tens of hours for an experiment. The other pair is plugged in for tests, and then stored. Selling as it is, no returns. Pm me to check shipping cost to your location. Will ship from Singapore.…


R-core transformer help

I recently bought a r-core 30w dual 12v transformer for a pre amplifier board that has dual 12v or 18v in. On input side there are four wires. Black and which I will be using for the 115v and red and yellow green for the 230v. Question is what wire do I use for the…


20 Best Welding Tools That Any Beginner Should Have

So after watching a few home improvement shows on TV and a few blacksmithing web shows on YouTube, you’ve finally decided to try your hands in the art known as metalworking, more precisely welding. Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional construction worker or just an occasional DIY hobbyist, the truth of the…


Best Welding Boots That Any Worker Should Have

Steel-tipped shoes are not the first safety equipment that may come to mind whenever you’re thinking about welding, but they do have real-life applications as well. For example, imagine that you’re doing some welding, and sparks are flying everywhere. While your eyes and face are protected because you’re wearing a welder’s mask or some welding…


How to Use the Cricut Explore Air 2 Cutting Machine – Figure Out All the Details

Crafting things at home require you to have imagination, the materials needed for crafting, and the tools needed to process the materials. Now, we can’t provide you with imagination, aside from the occasional lists of ideas, since that is inherently present. However, when it comes to crafting materials and tools, we can go ahead and showcase…

guess what? ..this is?

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Sony CDP-30 very noisy when spinning

Hi, this morning I found a Sony CDP-30 CD-player on a fleamarket. Couldn’t resist for €2,50. I want to compare it to some of my Philips players. It had been in the rain. I dried it, and when I came home I opened the case to let any damp escape. I dried it carefully with…

High voltage power amplifier

Hello folks, I want to build an audio power amplifier, but not for music use. The objective is to build an AC power supply. A signal generator that can output between 40 Hz and 400 Hz will drive this amplifier, which will output up to 250 Vrms. The output will be feedback controlled to the…


Best Die-Cutting Machines: Choose the Right One for You

If you’re looking for the best die-cutting machines to improve your business or help with your hobby, you’ve come to the right place. You can use them to cut and score various designs, from simple shapes to more intricate projects, using materials like vinyl, cardstock, chipboard, leather, wood, plastic, or vinyl. Editor’s Choice Cricut Maker…


Cricut Joy Review: Everything You Need to Know

Paper craftmaking is incredibly satisfying and a surprisingly lucrative business, particularly for work-from-home moms and dads who left their 9-to-5 jobs to spend more quality time with the family. However, if you want to get serious about starting a niche do-it-yourself business, you have to get equipped with the appropriate tools, like a Cricut vinyl…


Cricut Maker 3 vs Cricut Explore Air 2 – Side-by-Side Comparison

The Cricut manufacturer designs quality cutting machines for crafting amateurs and business owners with online shops. But people may have a hard time deciding between multiple products from the same brand which serve similar purposes, especially when it’s impossible to test them first hand. Not to worry since we’re here to help. If you’re trying…

1990s DACs Question

I finally found one of my grail DACs. The price is good, not great (it’s for sale by a dealer). Question: being from the 1990s, is it good to listen to as-is or should it be re-capped? Continue reading at Click Here Top Featured Tags: – DIYPress Release Distribution Service


Selling all electronics gear

Hi Guys, I have everything needed to build tube electronics. I have a pretty large amout of materials. Lots of new tubes. This is my tube tester. Works well. I can make photos or videos of all this stuff if anyone is interested. You can contact me here or at Thanks, Billy Continue reading…



JVC EX-A1, near mint. No speakers. I am the original owner. Hardly used but when played I used my custom-made fullrange-speakers (last picture). Plays audio CDs and DVD movies (no HDMI). Comes with the original remote, power cord, and FM antenna. As can be seen the unit is near mint, and everything works as expected.…


Declutter With These 15 Best Drawer Organizers

Say goodbye to kitchen spaces and office areas that are a complete mess. Not every drawer should be labeled as the “junk” drawer. It’s time to start getting things in order – so you can not only find everything you need – but you’re using what you’ve got. When every item has its own place,…


Beet Growing Problems – Troubleshooting Common Beet Issues

Beet growing problems are so numerous, they can be off-putting for some gardeners. Although beet plants are easy to grow, it’s usually caring for them that can be challenging. As you might expect from a sweet and juicy plant, it’s a natural magnet for many pests and pathogens. We put together a list of the…


Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine in 2021 (Reviews)

We’ll be the first to admit that we never initially pictured ourselves sewing almost professionally or en masse when we first started learning how to sew. Now that we’ve put in the practice and worked so heavily on our skills and technique, however, we’re very pleased indeed to say that we’re basically doing so as…

DIY Concrete Vanity Top

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Duntech PCL3 on-wall woofer replacement Audax HD17B25J2 CP12

I picked these cool Duntech PCL3 on-wall speakers up and one woofer is scratching pretty bad.. In my novice terms, the voice coil is rubbing. These are very old woofers and not made any more. Any thoughts on a worthy replacement? I think the woofer is the Audax HD17B25J 2CP12 There’s another number on the…

From patchy grass to inviting garden. My front yard makeover!

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Digital Designs M1000A

Wondering what would cause all the negative rail caps to explode ? I checked the power supply fets,outputs, and everything checked done it’s just the rail caps that exploded. They are 1000uf 80v Continue reading at Click Here Top Featured Tags: – DIYPress Release Distribution Service

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