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Elekit 8600s voltage help

Hopefully someone can help. I recently built the 8600s with lundahl transformers. And it sounds fantastic. However, in my right channel the voltage starts out spot-on but then starts to vary. For example:

after 30 minutes.
TP3 101.1
TP4 109 one time then 29. Very strange
TP20 113
TP24 113
TP28 16

I quadruple checked the component placement and it lines up.

In addition, had an issue with one of the PCs 201 or 202 that the instructions indicated to put it one way and pages 22, the pcb chart, said another way – I put it the way on page 22 but maybe that isn’t correct.

I checked the soldering but will check my solder on tube v1 pin 1, and PC202, and v4 tube pin 2?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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