On a Scottish Isle, Nursing Home Deaths Expose a Covid-19 Scandal

At the Home Farm nursing home on the Isle of Skye, more than a quarter of its residents died and nearly all were infected with coronavirus. Families are furious. Press Release Distribution Service

Coronavirus Threatens Chinese Traditions of Chopsticks and Family-Style Meals

Faced with the spread of the coronavirus, the government is promoting using serving utensils, but resistance is strong. Sharing food with personal chopsticks is one way Chinese people express intimacy. Press Release Distribution Service

By Air and Sea, Mercenaries Landed in Libya. Then the Plan Went South.

A short-lived mission uncovered by U.N. investigators offers a glimpse into the world of those who have thrived off Libya’s chaos. Press Release Distribution Service

Avalanches in Turkey Leave at Least 28 Dead, Many of Them Rescuers

Those looking for survivors of one avalanche were buried by the second. Press Release Distribution Service

Married Women on the Island of Jersey Win Control of Their Taxes

Under laws in place since 1928, husbands have full control over a couple’s financial affairs. But that is set to change. Press Release Distribution Service

Afghan Votes Will Be Audited, Extending Monthslong Election Crisis

The dispute over the outcome of September’s presidential race is playing out while sensitive peace talks take place between the U.S. and the Taliban. Press Release Distribution Service

Pete Buttigieg, Coronavirus, Tesla: Your Wednesday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know. Press Release Distribution Service

In Poland, Controversial Legislation Restricting Judiciary Is Signed Into Law

The legislation, which has drawn condemnation from the European Union, bars judges from questioning judicial appointments made by the president and forbids them from engaging in political activity. Press Release Distribution Service

Nigeria ‘Blindsided’ by Trump Travel Ban, Its Top Diplomat Says

The Nigerian foreign minister said he learned about the ban just before a meeting with the United States to expand cooperation. But he said American officials had signaled it could soon be lifted. Press Release Distribution Service

New Origin Story for Gross Blobs That Wash Up on Beaches

DNA evidence shows that jetsam ambergris comes from sperm whales. Press Release Distribution Service

Coronavirus, State of the Union, Iowa: Your Wednesday Briefing

Let us help you start your day.  Press Release Distribution Service

Mumbai Police Play a Trick on Honking Drivers

It involves a red light hooked to a decibel meter, and the timer resets when harsh horns get too loud. Now, other cities are inquiring. Press Release Distribution Service

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