Russia Expels 20 Czech Diplomats as Tensions Escalate

On Saturday, Prague kicked out 18 Russian diplomats after accusing Russia of being behind an attack on an ammunition depot. On Sunday, Moscow retaliated. Press Release Distribution Service

Despite Tensions, U.S. and China Agree to Work Together on Climate Change

The two countries said they would treat global warming “with the seriousness and urgency that it demands.” Press Release Distribution Service

Irish Leader Apologizes for Killing of Prince Philip’s Uncle

Mary Lou McDonald, leader of the party that was once the political wing of the paramilitary Irish Republican Army, said she was sorry for its assassination of Louis Mountbatten. Press Release Distribution Service

Afghan Women Fear The Worst after U.S. Withdrawal

Whatever happens once the United States withdraws will not bode well for Afghan women. But even the gains made for them over the last 20 years have often been fleeting. Press Release Distribution Service

Aleksei Navalny’s Health in Prison Is Dire, His Doctors Say

Doctors said recent blood tests indicated that the Russian opposition leader, who is nearly three weeks into a hunger strike, was at risk of heart failure and “could die at any moment.” Press Release Distribution Service

Czechs Blame 2014 Blasts at Ammunition Depots on Elite Russian Spy Unit

The unit has also been implicated in the 2018 nerve agent attack in Salisbury, England, on Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy, and his daughter. Press Release Distribution Service

Myanmar’s Protesters Face Down the Military With Slingshots and Rocks

What began as peaceful demonstrations against the military coup has rapidly grown into a resistance movement in which citizens use improvised weapons to fight the junta. Press Release Distribution Service

These Countries Did Well With Covid. So Why Are They Slow on Vaccines?

Japan, South Korea and Australia have inoculated tiny percentages of their populations. The delays risk unwinding their relative successes. Press Release Distribution Service

Post-Merkel Germany May Be Shaded Green

Germany’s Greens are expected to be a critical part of any new government. But these are not the Greens of old. Today it is a pragmatic party promising an assertive stance abroad. Press Release Distribution Service

Prince Philip Is Laid to Rest in a Somber 50-Minute Ceremony

The televised and live-streamed rite afforded Britons a chance to witness a seeming slight easing in the strained relations between Princes William and Harry. Press Release Distribution Service

Prince Philip’s Funeral: Latest Updates

The Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II and patriarch of the House of Windsor, died last week at age 99. Press Release Distribution Service

Coronavirus Deaths Reach 3 Million Worldwide

“It just never crossed your mind that there would be so many dead in so little time,” said one man in Mexico City. Press Release Distribution Service

Iran Vows to Increase Uranium Enrichment After Attack on Nuclear Site

Iran also attacked an Israeli cargo ship at sea, raising tensions but causing little or no damage. Press Release Distribution Service

Girl’s Rape in Venezuela Becomes a Rallying Cry for Abortion Activists

The assault of a 13-year-old girl in Venezuela and the arrest of her mother and a teacher who helped her end the pregnancy have forced a national debate about legalizing abortion. Press Release Distribution Service

US to Increase Military Presence in Germany

American and NATO officials have grown increasingly concerned about Russia’s deployment of additional troops near the border with Ukraine. Press Release Distribution Service

Covid-19 Live Updates: As Britain Begins Vaccinations, Focus Turns to Questions on Distribution

Britain has become the first nation to begin a mass inoculation campaign using a fully tested vaccine, kicking off a global effort to fight Covid-19. Doctors, nurses, certain people aged 80 or over and nursing home workers will be among the first to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Press Release Distribution Service

U.K. Covid Vaccine: Side Effects, Safety, and Who Gets It First

The mass inoculation campaign that began in Britain on Tuesday has little precedent in modern medicine. Press Release Distribution Service

U.S. Leaves Bases in Afghanistan — and a Legacy of Land Disputes

The U.S.-led coalition seized land for hundreds of military bases, most now held by the Afghan military. Villagers have fought for years to collect compensation and to get their property back. Press Release Distribution Service

On a Scottish Isle, Nursing Home Deaths Expose a Covid-19 Scandal

At the Home Farm nursing home on the Isle of Skye, more than a quarter of its residents died and nearly all were infected with coronavirus. Families are furious. Press Release Distribution Service

Coronavirus Threatens Chinese Traditions of Chopsticks and Family-Style Meals

Faced with the spread of the coronavirus, the government is promoting using serving utensils, but resistance is strong. Sharing food with personal chopsticks is one way Chinese people express intimacy. Press Release Distribution Service

By Air and Sea, Mercenaries Landed in Libya. Then the Plan Went South.

A short-lived mission uncovered by U.N. investigators offers a glimpse into the world of those who have thrived off Libya’s chaos. Press Release Distribution Service

Avalanches in Turkey Leave at Least 28 Dead, Many of Them Rescuers

Those looking for survivors of one avalanche were buried by the second. Press Release Distribution Service

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