On New Zealand’s Volcano, Knee-Deep Ash and Boiling Water Underfoot

The team that recovered bodies from White Island went “to the depths of their endurance and past it,” said the colonel who oversaw the mission.

Sudan’s Ousted Leader Is Sentenced to Two Years for Corruption

Omar Hassan al-Bashir, accused of genocide in Darfur, was charged with possessing foreign currency and receiving illegal gifts.

He Wanted to Be Pope. He Settled for Conducting the Metropolitan Opera.

The Quebec-born music director Yannick Nézet-Séguin has soared to the peak of his profession thanks to his precocious talent and a belief in “smiles and optimism.”

An Arsenal Star Criticized China’s Detention Camps. Fury Soon Followed.

The soccer club distanced itself after Mesut Özil condemned China’s mass detention of Uighurs. But Chinese state media, and sports fans, were not mollified.

Belgian Carnival Removed From UNESCO List Over Anti-Semitic Imagery

The Aalst carnival has been criticized for depicting Jews with sidecurls and oversize noses atop piles of money.

How Labour’s Working-Class Vote Crumbled and Its Nemesis Won the North

The Labour Party’s devastating defeat in an ex-stronghold has grave consequences for a party: Its two wings — older and working class and urban and educated — appear to have irreconcilable differences.

In Johnson Victory, Democrats and Republicans See Lessons for 2020

The 2016 Brexit vote seemed to be a harbinger of President Trump’s election. But Boris Johnson’s victory may be different.

Brexit Is Going to Get Done. But on Whose Terms?

Boris Johnson’s victory has drawn in millions of former Labour voters whose vision of Brexit is far different from the Conservative establishment’s.

At Least 23 Soldiers Killed in Insider Attack in Afghanistan

A Taliban infiltrator opened fire on soldiers as they were sleeping in a military base in Ghazni Province, officials said.

For Scotland and Northern Ireland, a Weakening of Ties

Both strongly opposed Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan. With that now a certainty, independence is in the air, particularly in Scotland.

On Your Tables: Ginger Beef, Caesars and Butter Tarts

Canada Letter readers offer their views about the foods that define the nation’s communities and regions.

Military’s Preferred Candidate Named Winner in Algeria Election

Antigovernment protesters took to the streets to reject the vote as illegitimate. They boycotted the election, which had a record low turnout.

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