Trump team begins defense in Senate impeachment trial | Day 5

The Senate continues the impeachment trial of President Trump. After three days of opening arguments from the House impeachment managers, Trump’s team will take the floor to launch its defense. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in…

Honda J Series V6 Timing Belt Replacement

This video is a complete step by step guide to replacing the timing belt and water pump on a Honda J series V6 engine found in many Honda vehicles including Accords, Odysseys, Ridgelines, Pilots, Acura MDX, Acura TL, and some Acura RL’s. You’ll find a complete listing of the parts and tools I used in…

Twitch streamer Limmy is told to stop playing games by his son.

submitted by /u/albino_gorillas [link] [comments]

12 Reasons that the Ocean’s 12 laser dance confuses me

submitted by /u/kissinterlude [link] [comments]

Genetic Modification is EASY – Heat shock

submitted by /u/TTEchironex [link] [comments]

“Hitman 2: The Rise of Agent 47” A comedic video-game video, and also a masterwork of cinematography.

submitted by /u/GetOffMyLawnKids [link] [comments]

This is how Chinese recycle sewage oil into Cooking oil

submitted by /u/KingKohishi [link] [comments]

Chinese doctor from wuhan talking about horrible conditions in hospital|100,000 people got infected?

submitted by /u/mingxingai [link] [comments]

The Complete 14 Batman Window Cameos

submitted by /u/llondru-es [link] [comments]

Altai throat signing – truly unreal sound

submitted by /u/malinkymalchick [link] [comments]

When getting shot becomes a normal thing that happens everyday

submitted by /u/mumbalikey123 [link] [comments]

Yo, you know we’re here, right?

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