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Candy stealers! WTF? Really?!!!

by Anonymous

So there is still a pandemic, some parents are uncomfortable with a perhaps unmasked person opening the door to kids who don’t yet have a vaccine. So, I set out candy in a bowl on the porch, but hang out as kids arrive keeping a respectful distance. Parents were grateful. Kids were happy to celebrate again after a shitty year. Many said thanks as we admired costumes from witches to zombies to pirates to one little Elsa toddler tripping over her flowing gown who assured me that it had to flow so she couldn’t life her skirt to not fall.
My grandchild returns from trick or treating. We go inside for ten minutes. Then they want to see what’s left in our bowl cause they were hoping for a particular candy, and it’s only 7:00pm, kids are still coming. BUT the bowl and the candy are gone. Some motherfucker decided it was a good idea to take it from a well-lit porch they had to walk a long yard to get to. I am pretty certain it wasn’t a kid or a teenager but some jerk-off adult with a meanness problem. Next Door said some grown ass men were seen driving around in a truck stealing candy. Really!!?? I had no candy left for the kids still coming; my grandchild was disappointed, and a little weirded out. The cost of candy is no big deal, the bowl no loss, but the meanness and selfishness makes me mad and sad. God damn it! We can’t even have the pleasure of giving candy to kids without some jackass acting out crappy behavior. Hope whoever it was gets their dose of karma. And if they already have gotten it, I hope they get it twice more. Yeah. I do.

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