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Power outage on circuit

Some of the details of this question are a little hazy so please bear with me.

I moved into a townhouse in February. I had a small toaster oven plugged into an outlet but then its stopped working. I believe I reset the breaker (I think it was anyway) and had power again. There are 2 different circuits on panel that say kitchen. I do not believe there is a gfci on either kitchen circuit…only for outside and bathroom receptacles

The power went out again and I figured it could have been due to stab loading due to intermittent power. I replaced all receptacles and wrapped wires around screws. I used to be electrical assistant so I know my receptacles are wired correctly. The power worked again for about a week or 2 then went out again. I also replaced breaker as I was not getting power on the breaker with it on using a voltage sniffer. I also tightened all neutrals in the panel. Still have no power…any ideas as to what’s going on?

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