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Need help identifying and repairing a countertop.

I screwed up. Thinking they were simple mineral stains, I used CLR to try and clean up my bathroom countertop. Yes, I am very slightly better educated now.

It looks like a freaking staged infomercial before/after shot. Unfortunately, it’s very real. At least I started with my side and not my wife’s. Hilarity available here:

I’m trying to identify the type of material to make sure I get the right etch remover/polishing/sealing compounds to repair it. Best I can tell it’s engineered quartz, but I’m not sure. To my dismay, some of what I’ve read online says that quartz can’t be repaired like marble or granite because of the resin used…is this true?

Any help you can offer on 1) identifying the material, and 2) how to restore the deep glossy finish is incredibly appreciated. Thank you!

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