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HELP – Best door for 55.75 inch W X 95 Inch opening?!!

HELP – Best door for 55.75 inch W X 95 Inch opening?

Hi everyone I found myself in a pickle. Long story short I moved into an apartment that has a large den that originally was going to be a second bedroom. The rent for the area is super cheap and Management told me I am free to install a door but I have to remove it when I leave. I plan to stay here for a while so I thought it would be simple. I was wrong . The opening has odd measurements which standard doors are not sold in so far I have identified two options.

What I want: install a door with the least amount of damage done that can easily be removed when I leave and that I can lock.

Options : Bypass barn door. Would a 96 inch or 97 inch door be enough to install? I assume I would have to remove the baseboard. There is a fire alert system where I am concerned the I would be able to install the rail over. What do you guys think ?

Bifold door I reduce the height with a piece of 2×4 I have seen a a couple 92 1/2 tall doors for sale. I would install without the bottom raid and perhaps reduce the width with 2×4 and remove the baseboard.

Please advise !

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