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Help request – HVAC UV Bulb

Hey guys,

My HVAC company installed a new unit in my home a little over two years ago. This year, when they were out here to do a repair, they noticed that the UV bulb was out. They weren’t able to replace it immediately because they said they didn’t have one in stock; last time I talked to them, they said they weren’t actually sure what kind of UV bulb would work (and they took the bulb with them to look for a replacement).

I am having trouble getting them to move forward finding and installing this thing and I was wondering if it might be something I can do myself (and if it’s easy enough for someone here to identify a type of bulb that would work).

The photo of the hole where the bulb goes, along with its connector, can be found here. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the bulb that went out because the HVAC company has had it for weeks.

Is this enough info for someone to be able to tell me what kind of bulb might work, so I can just buy and install one myself?

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