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War Against The Weak

by Anonymous

“Many many homeless are mentally ill. If given a home, most would burn it down in a week. Compassion means getting people the medical help they need. Letting them rot in the street is unacceptable….hospitalize the many mentally ill, house those that remain.” Such a compassionate comment left about homelessness. In order to achieve your dream of institutionalizing ALL the mentally ill, you do realize this ENTIRE country has to overhaul the mental health system in this shithole country, right? Oregon rates the lowest according to But fuck their civil rights right? Lock them up. Lock ANYONE up you perceive as unacceptable. Have you ever looked at footage of the asylums from our not so distant past? Doubtful. The cruelties were unimaginable. Your comment reeks of stigma, and you’re an asshole. I hope no one you love gets committed against their will.

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