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Automotive wireless charging reference design certified for Qi 1.3

NXP Semiconductors has announced that its new automotive wireless charging reference design is the first to be certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for its new Qi 1.3 standard. The reference design consists of a Qi-certified board with an NXP wireless charging MWCT family microcontroller (MCU), as well as optional NFC, secure element, and CAN/LIN transceiver. The software package includes NXP’s wireless charging Qi 1.3 software library and a suite of customizable software solutions.

Wireless charging of smart phone in vehicle.

(Source: NXP Semiconductors)

The Qi 1.3 standard includes new secure authentication features that verify if a smartphone or other wireless power device is Qi Certified and can reduce the wireless power transfer to lower levels if an uncertified device is detected. This ensures user safety and protects equipment from damage. Most major smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi, use the WPC Qi standard.

NXP said the new features require the addition of secure storage to the wireless power transmitter, which is addressed by NXP’s automotive-grade products.

NXP WCT-15WAUTO13 wireless charging Block Diagram

Click for a larger image. (Source: NXP Semiconductors)

The Automotive 15-W Wireless Charging Transmitter reference design includes NXP’s wireless charging software library, which is customizable based on the type of wireless charging application. This includes scaling solutions from 5 to 15 watts and above with proprietary protocols support readiness, single or multi-coil chargers, and across vehicles fleets, said NXP.

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