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What to do with excess egg whites or yolks | Kitchen aide

Meringues are a no-brainer for your whites, but have you tried baking them into granola for extra crunch? As for yolks, there’s mayo, ice-cream – and an intriguing way to store them in the fridge …

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I always have spare egg whites or yolks. What can I do with them?
Jess, Exeter

Eggs are, of course, greater than the sum of their parts, but their parts can be pretty good, too. Whites are a friend to the sweet-toothed and often find their way into meringues. “All of the meringue family are ingenious,” says king of desserts Jeremy Lee, head chef of Quo Vadis in London, and famed for his billowy creations. So what’s his secret? First, a very clean bowl, then “make sure, with that first beating, that the whites are as stiff as hell; beat the first half with sugar, then fold in the second.” That way a more delicate shell lies.

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