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Mahmood Al Durrah’s Durabolic Nutrition Becomes Part of the Top Fitness Services in the US, Canada, And Middle East

This company is also among the top online body transformation coaching services in the Middle East. Its clients include political satirist Bassem Youssef, Ramez Amir, and Singer Ahmed Halim.

(PRUnderground) September 2nd, 2021

The pandemic has forced people to remain at home. The new setup of working and staying at home, coupled with anxiety caused by the uncertainty, has caused fitness to take a backseat to other priorities.

As with most other necessities, goods, and services, people who wish to restart their fitness journey had to resort to searching for online resources to guide them through their journey.

The problem with most free online resources, like those found on YouTube, is that not only are they generic, many are created by people who do not have the necessary credentials to develop fitness regimens that are supposed to help people.

Here is where Mahmood Al Durrah’s online coaching company Durabolic Nutrition differs from what is out there on the Internet. Mahmood Al Durrah – also known as Durrah – an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) professional, has 15 years of experience in fitness and bodybuilding.

He started his fitness journey at age 16 when he was hoping to feel better about himself and simply get in shape. Whilst attaining his degree in Civil Engineering, Durrah was also taking courses in nutrition, and getting coached to compete in local bodybuilding contests. Since then, he has won several awards in bodybuilding. He won the Canadian Nationals in 2012 in the middleweight division. In 2017, he won the North America Legacy Cup and turned professional. He competed in Mr. Olympia shortly after turning pro, by winning a Professional contest from his rookie year, and quickly became recognized as one of the top contenders in bodybuilding.

He took all his knowledge and experience in fitness and bodybuilding to develop his online coaching service wherein people can get tailored fitness and diet plans that best suit their fitness goals, body type, and even work or school schedule. Now, it is one of the top online fitness and body transformation coaching services in the Middle East and North America, with over 4,000 clients worldwide last year alone.

Durabolic Nutrition can help clients get fit and look good, improve strength and endurance, boost their self-esteem, and help them get started on their dream lifestyle. It’s all thanks to a comprehensive and custom fitness plan that includes not just a workout program, but a diet method and an advanced health product plan as well.

To get their custom plan, clients just need to fill up a form and upload their photos. From there, Durrah will create a custom program for them. Once they receive their program, clients can simply get started on their workout plan and follow their diet. By their 12th week, clients can check in with Durrah and his team for a free evaluation halfway through the program to see if adjustments are needed.

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About Mahmood Al Durrah and Durabolic Nutrition

As a young man, Mahmood Al Durrah was unhappy with the way he looked and felt. At 19, he decided to make a change and had someone create a customized fitness plan for him. He started to feel better, get fitter, healthier, and gain confidence. In 2009, he became the first in his University’s history to win the University and Collegiate Nationals in bodybuilding. In 2012, he won the Canadian Nationals as a middleweight. In 2017, he won the North America Legacy Cup and turned pro. One year later, he won a pro show, competed in Mr. Olympia, and became recognized as one of the top contenders in the sport.

Years of reading, education, training and competition, equipped him with extensive knowledge on effective workouts, recipes, and proven strategies, to guide people through a complete lifestyle change. His online coaching services company Durabolic Nutrition offers programs that are tailored to fit any lifestyle, body type, and personal goals.

Disclaimer: The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Mahmood Al Durrah or Durabolic Nutrition. It is merely publishing a press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the person, information, product or service.

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