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We had a virtual golf lesson with Iron Lady Golf


Yelp Toronto hosted its very first golf lesson with a modern twist as Iron Lady Golf teaches us golf virtually via Zoom. Covid-19 may have paused many activities, but it hasn’t stopped golf from booming. According to the National Golf Course Owners Association, the number of golf rounds played in July last year went up by 25.5% in Canada. We see double digits growth across all provinces! Despite temporary closures, the number of golf rounds increased by nearly 10% last year. 

With many newbies and golfers revisiting the course, we decided to bring a complimentary golf lesson right to Yelpers’ home across Canada and the US. You don’t necessarily need to get a golf club in this lesson, as you can practice even with a spatula at home! It actually works better than we expected. We can practice anywhere and absorbed the tips and info shared along the way. Lindsay Knowlton, a 3-year member of Canada’s national team, gave us a jam-packed learning session teaching us golf swing fundamentals and tips to brush up our game. It’s also beginner-friendly as we covered everything to get started, including etiquette, apparel, beginner-friendly courses, golf clubs to buy, and the health benefits of playing golf.

The online golf lesson was populated with Yelpers with golf levels across the spectrum. Lindsay’s energy is engaging and welcoming. As Yelpers like Robert Z. acknowledged, “it definitely left everyone wanting more.” She has that particular talent in reading the room and including the whole audience, no matter your skill level. Everyone had a fun time and came out learning something new, as you can see in the notes and consistent 5-star reviews. Lindsay’s wealth of experience is apparent, and her coaching skills translate expertly and clear in this virtual lesson. Yelper Grace Y noted, “She was so good with her explanations and step by step instructions… her form was a lot easier for me to understand and mimic [Comparing to her previous golf instructor].”

A ton of great tips. Here are just some of the highlights during the lesson:


  • Try not to be the slowest player.
  • A good rule of thumb is picking up your ball if you score double par.

Putting is 50% of the game, “drive for show, but putt for dough”! 

  • Practice putting drill between two books to ensure a steady and straight swing
  • Wait for the ball to drop before lifting your head

Chip shot by using a pitching wedge and choke down on the club and place 80% of your weight on the front foot

  • Follow through the exact length as your backswing and avoid flicking your wrist or over swinging. i.e. shoe to shoe chipping
  • Turn your hips towards the target.

She shows us proper posture and gripping techniques on screen and gave great analogies. 

Lindsay demonstrated the essential golf stretches she regularly used when she was playing competitive golf using two clubs. 

She even gave extra tips that cater to females. For instance, if you’re larger chested, how to position your arm over for a more consistent swing.

Lindsay also addressed advance questions about shallowing out one’s swing and flop shots. 

The cherry on top is Lindsay has experienced not one but THREE hole-in-ones in her lifetime. Two of them being back to back! 

To learn more about the session, check out the 5-star reviews and photos

Thanks to our event partner, Iron Lady Golf!

Iron Lady Golf is a community for women. They are inclusive, fun and help you learn how to play (or play better) golf! They have different programs whether you are looking to use golf as a tool for business, get comfortable playing golf with your spouse and friends or just to get outside and meet other people. Learn more about her in-person or virtual programs at: For golf tips and tricks, follow her on Instagram, @ironladygolf!

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