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Iowa couple ahead of the RV living trend

Living in a recreational vehicle became a popular pandemic trend, and turns out RVs are still in demand. The RV Industry Association says the industry is on track to build more RVs this year than any other previous year.

Iowa couple Brian and Michelle Cortesio noticed the demand and limited supply when they went to sell their motorhome and buy an RV, but their life on the road began even before the pandemic.

“So for the longest time I’ve been kind of bringing the idea to her,” Brian said, “and do you remember your response was?” “I thought he was nuts,” Michelle said. 

Brian’s childhood dream became reality back in 2018 when he and his wife Michelle sold their house and hit the road.

Brian started a YouTube channel called “LivinRVision” to document their adventures, while Michelle was able to keep her job and work remotely.

Going from 1500 square feet to a 33-foot-long Airstream RV required some downsizing, but the digital nomads say their set up and schedule work for them.

“You don’t do much living inside really, it’s just kind of like an office,” Brian explained, “and then the weekends come, that’s when we get out and we do our shooting, our videos, and our exploring at the same time.”

And turns out they’re not alone. According to the RV Association, a million Americans live in a recreational vehicle full time. It’s a lifestyle they say made them feel safer during the pandemic.

“Traveling during that time, we’re traveling within our home and we’re not needing to actually go to restaurants,” Michelle said. 

“Yeah, don’t have to stop to use the restroom anyway, use your own,” Brian said. “You have everything you need with you, which is why I think during the pandemic the RV industry just boomed because people found that it was a safer way to travel.”

Traveling coast to coast, the couple has created a community and built their following along the way.

“Some people really touch your heart when they tell you that they’re unable to travel, so they live vicariously through us.” Brian said. “That makes it kind of, I can’t quit, I gotta keep going for these people. It feels like you’re doing something for others.”

The Cortesio’s have no plans of stopping their RV lifestyle anytime soon. After staying at the Adventureland Campground for the past two months to spend time with family, they are leaving for their next destination this weekend.

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