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Chicago marketing-communication tech company Didgebridge launches PRIVACY-focused, digital ad units 


Intellismart® addresses digital advertising challenges such as the increasing demand for consumer privacy

(PRUnderground) June 8th, 2021

Didgebridge, a privacy-focused, marketing communication technology company, has announced the launch of a next generation of PRIVACY-focused digital ad units called Intellismart®. The goal of these industry transformative ad units is to better address major challenges and frustrations within the on-line (digital) advertising sector. These challenges include: 1). Robotic, non-human ad interactions;   2). Intrusive, mining of consumer web-profiles;     3). Sharing of consumer traffic (leads) with competitors—who then retarget; and 4). Inability to consensually, privately communicate and re-communicate with opting-in consumers across channels via 1:1 mobile-video Content delivery networks.  

Didgebridge team member Hank Kogan (former Vice President of Leo Burnett with global Procter & Gamble responsibility) offers these supporting comments: “As privacy upheaval within the digital mar-com sector continues, the future winning agencies & brands will be those who best respect consumer privacy as well as advertiser privacy while providing omnichannel consumer access and true consumer engagement measurabilityIntellismart ad units ensure consumers can privately opt-in engage with an advertised brand of choice—without concern about annoying intrusion by ads from competitors of that brand.” Mr. Kogan continues, “And if I am the brand advertiser, why do I want to share my opt-in brand-avids, with competitors—who can then retarget them?  Our Intellismart ® ad units uniquely expand advertiser reach and value with private omnichannel coverage.  The content is rendered invisible to brand competitors and data miners using our proprietary technologies.” 

Ryan Swadley, Didgebridge’s Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder, offers these ROI-focused thoughts: “We have been solving challenges in the digital advertising world for over 20 years. In simplistic terms, most digital advertising clients want the same thing: a). We’d like to quickly segregate human ad interactions, from robotic ad interactions, b). We’d like to provide those opting-in human consumers, with extended video content—to help them make more informed purchase decisions, and  c). We’d like to consensually, privately, 1:1 re-communicate with these opting-in human consumers, with video content, while not sharing these brand AVIDs with our competitors.  This is what our Team built Intellismart® Ad Units to deliver—respecting both the consumer and the advertiser.” 

John McNulty, Didgebridge’s CEO adds: “As long as a brand remembers, that the consumer is their ultimate boss—the brand should have sustainable success. That’s Didgebridge’s mantra as well. And we believe the consumer has reached a tipping-point when it comes to privacy. This is the reason why Intellismart ® ad units are so important during today’s era of rapid, societal change, as consumers are demanding increased levels of respect.”

After an extensive period of PILOT testing, Didgebridge is now moving into global launch mode with Intellismart® Ad Units, coinciding with the accelerating privacy revolution in digital marketing. Meetings with major clients & alliance partners have begun. Didgebridge’s contact information may be found below:

About Didgebridge

Didgebridge is an award-winning communication-tech company, specializing in ultra-private, personalized 1.2.1. mobile video networks. These Intellismart ® networks, bypass the Public Internet ecosystem, and are thus not searchable, mineable, or weaponizable. Didgebridge serves the needs of market sectors, which understand the power of video engagement, while also placing an extraordinary value on privacy.

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