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12 Excellent Frozen Pizzas for When You Just Can’t

Pizza is a steadfast dinner option when I simply can’t summon the energy to cook. Just give me dough slathered with sauce and melting cheese and I’ll eat it right out of the box, thank you so much. Though my favorite spots for takeout pie are just a short walk away, sometimes the farthest I feel like going is my own kitchen. Because what if I want pizza at midnight—or 9 a.m., for that matter—when the local slice shops are closed? Frozen pizza is the hero we all need. I checked in with some food professionals to get their suggestions for the best frozen pizzas the frozen-foods aisle—and the internet—can offer. Spoiler alert: There are some strong opinions in the mix.

From classic cheese pizzas and Chicago deep-dish to Bagel Bites (oh heck yes, they count!) and even a vegan option, here are the 12 best frozen pizzas, selected by folks who know their food.


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