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Protests in Portland have carried on for more than 50 days ...

(CNN) For more than fifty days, protests in Portland have carried on. While many have been peaceful, those demonstrations have also been marked by violence, vandalism, arson, arrests and...

Portland protests: Black man with American flag stands ...

A Black man carrying an American flag stood outside Portland’s Federal Courthouse Saturday night, telling a crowd of protesters that “none of you guys represent Black lives” as they tore down a...

Tear gas fired again; Portland protest standoff continues

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Federal agents again repeatedly fired tear gas to break up rowdy protests in Portland, Oregon, that continued into the early morning Saturday as demonstrations that have happened every night for two months showed no signs of letting up. Authorities say six federal officers were injured and one person was arrested.

Portland protest declared a riot Sunday as federal ...

Protests in Portland were declared a riot early Sunday as thousands breached a federal courthouse where federal agents are being stationed, according to police. Throughout the night — the 59th ...

Portland protests draw largest crowd in weeks

Portland has been a flashpoint in the nationwide movement for racial equality following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May. Protesters torched Portland’s police union...

Portland protests fueled by Oregon's 'very dark history ...

For all the outrage and questions of constitutionality the federal action in Portland evoked, the demonstrations that began in the city shortly after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis...

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