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Former Sec. of State John Kerry ‘doubts’ Iran will Negotiate with U.S.

ADEL, Iowa — Former Secretary of State John Kerry came to Iowa to campaign for Joe Biden and spent the majority of his speech discussing Iran, and how he thinks Biden would handle things differently than President Donald Trump.

“If Joe Biden were president, we would be negotiating the next round we knew we would have to move to,” Kerry said, speaking about the Iranian nuclear deal.

Kerry helped negotiate that deal during his time in the Obama administration. He said President Trump made the Middle East less stable when he pulled out of the nuclear agreement in 2019.

Wednesday morning in an address to the nation, Trump said: “Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon as long as I am president.”

Kerry fired about those remarks to a group of voters in Adel on Wednesday afternoon, saying: “Well Mr. President, that’s exactly what we achieved four years ago. That’s the track we were on and now it’s more in doubt than it was before you took your rash decisions without even consulting with our best allies in the world.”

In the aftermath of Iran’s ballistic missile strike on a U.S. airbase in Iraq, many are left asking what happens next.

Channel 13 News asked Sen. Chuck Grassley on a press call if the nation should strike back. He said, “We’re trying to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear nation. I suppose that’s what you could give Obama credit for, but after 10 or 15 years legally under the agreement, they [Iran] could become a nuclear nation.”

In the present, Kerry fears Trump already put the United States at risk.

“No American diplomat, no American citizen is safer in the world today after what he did then they were before,” he said. “Why else would we be ordering all our people to get out of countries? Battening down hatchets, redeploying troops, the very opposite of the very thing that this president said he wanted to do. Broken promise.”

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