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ordered a LM3886 kit, recieved a UPC1342V kit, was I sold a kipper?

After searching these boards for a while I decided an LM3886 chip amp was the one for me, and being in China, I searched for a PCB kit on taobao using that chip, along with a transformer, preamp parts and case to go with it.

The PCB kit arrived today and i realized that the LM3886 chip is mentioned in the title of the product page, but in fact its an UPC1342V chip. The mention of the LM3886 in the title was referring to this one being better…or something along those lines.

After taking a look around, I see very little mention of this chip, so I am a little annoyed (at myself more than anything) as I was keen to get building my LM3886 baby.

So, has anyone got experience using this UPC chip next to the LM or knows how they compare? Sending this kit back is possible, but the weight, and more importantly the time I have to wait are an issue!

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