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Can I make a switched outlet which is connected to light hot all the time without running new wire?

I have power coming into the switch box connected to light switch & fan switch via pigtail – (one white, one black & one ground each) – the neutrals (white are wire nutted together – the grounds are connected to the box) the fan switch goes directly to the fan but the light switch leads to the outlet

In the outlet box the two whites are connected & a pigtail connects them to the outlet. Same with the black (black is power) from there they go to the light fixture.

Can I connect them so the outlet has power all the time & the switch controls the light (perhaps using the neutral (white) to feed the switch?)

The outlet was an old razor only outlet originally & it’s not possible to run new wire as the house is completely finished

Or am I stuck with only having a switched outlet? Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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