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I need some kind of cheap machine to push a button

Dammit all I need is to push a button why can’t i find anything to do this? I just need some kind of machine that can push a physical button, or that moves up and down, or something like that. Preferably with a timer already on it so I can set it to push the button when I want (eg, set it and have it push the button in 42 seconds) but desu I can probably manage the timer aspect myself if somebody can just point me to a robot button-pusher.

Something as simple as pic-related would work if it had more force behind it, that’s all I need. Or even something that just moves straight up and down. The button would be stationary, I literally just need something that will press and release the button. That’s it. I feel like this is something really basic but I’m losing my mind trying to find something that does this.

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