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crossover points 3 way front stage

hello I am slowly building up my mini cooper and i am getting really close. next step DSP

current jl300/4 75 watts for midbass (focal ps165v1) hi pass about 80 low pass about 400
current 75 watts dayton 4 inch reference woofer hipass about 300 no lo pass and stock tweeter with unknown cap.
pioneer 12 inch sub 300/2 lopass 60 ish

i have a dsr1 in the mail and a separate amp for the focal tweeters. (small sony)
power will be 75/75/20 woofer/mid/tweet

please confirm my thoughts on starting points for the crossovers. Both the mid and the woofer have phase plugs that should reduce beamng. both are off axis. the woofer is part of a 2 way set and was intended to play to 3500 hz with a 6 db slope so lower and steeper lowpass wont won’t problem the tweeter has selectable 3500 hz and 4000 hz and 4500 hz all at 6db
the 4 inch is a “full range”

at what hz does a 4 inch beam?
at what hz does the 6.5 beam?

a focal 3 way set has crossovers like below. i wasn’t thinking to use these with 24db lr xo

hipass 4k on focal tweet
band pass 400 to 4k on mid
bandpass 60 – 80 to 400 on midbass
lopass 60 – 80 on sub

2 more questions
do people “tune” crossovers? its not like a passive. i looked at the specs on the drivers. i am nowhere near the fs of any driver or ugliness of response curves on the top side.

what value cap should i use on the tweeter or can I just use the passive that came with it and set it to 3500hz (then cascade the active at 4000)

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