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Mastercard and Salesforce Partner to Improve Small Business Program Benefits

Mastercard and Salesforce Aim to Help Small Business

Digital technology has given small businesses access to more powerful solutions and tools. Consequently, small businesses have been able to improve the efficiency of their operations across the board. And these tools include customer relationship management or CRM.

Mastercard and Salesforce Aim to Help Small Business

The new partnership between Mastercard and Salesforce is going to bring Salesforce Essentials, the number one CRM for small businesses, into Mastercard’s program.

The addition of Salesforce further strengthens the Mastercard Small Business Program, which already includes Intuit Quickbooks Online, Turbo Tax, 24/7 Business Assistant, Mastercard ID Theft Protection, Mastercard Easy Savings, Cell Phone Insurance, and Mastercard Receipt Management.

As a result, small businesses get access to proven leading brands under one umbrella. This removes the complexities associated with finding tools for running a business by making them readily available. And this is what Ginger Siegel, head of small business, Mastercard, addressed in the press release.

Siegel says, “Every business is different. Small business owners seek freedom and flexibility. However, they need tailored platforms and services that help them enhance how they run their business and address their individual needs.”

The Mastercard program is designed to give small businesses the ability to leverage specific tools. This will help them in everything from digital and technology enablement to acquiring new customers. And this is where Salesforce Essentials comes in.

Salesforce Essentials

Customer relationship management is not new. But the internet, social media, and mobility have made it available to a larger audience. So consumers now expect the benefits the technology provides when they engage with brands.

Managing your customers now means being able to bring together all of these channels and touchpoints and make sense of the data.

With Salesforce Essentials, small businesses now have access to a solid CRM solution. This will make sense of the data and optimize it so businesses can get a more clear picture. A CRM solution is no longer a luxury in today’s digital ecosystem.

Whether a business only has a physical presence, digital or both, you have to know your customers and what their needs are. Marie Rosecrans, SVP, Salesforce Essentials, and SMB, highlighted this very point.

Rosecrans goes on to say, “Customers love small businesses for the personal experiences they offer but it becomes more challenging to know the details of each and every customer as that business grows. That’s where a customer relationship management solution becomes key.”

With the added resources from the other Mastercard program solutions, businesses will have the tools they need to tackle the challenges of a connected world.


This article, “Mastercard and Salesforce Partner to Improve Small Business Program Benefits” was first published on Small Business Trends

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