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Fiverr Studios Helps Small Businesses Handle Major Projects

Fiverr Studios Helps Small Businesses Handle Major Projects

A project in the digital ecosystem requires different sets of expertise. And small business owners can hire an agency or freelancers to finish the project. While an agency will bring all the talent together, it is a different story if you hire freelancers. With freelancers, you have to source all the talent you will need for the project.

At least that is how it used to be until Fiverr announced the creation of Studios. Simply put, Studios brings the talent pool in the Fiverr marketplace with a team of specialists with one Studio Lead.

Fiverr Studios

Basically, Fiverr has developed a platform for creating an agency within its talent pool. What this means for your next small business project is everything will be managed under one umbrella.

Studios Benefits Small Businesses and Freelancers

Small Business Trends asked Hila Klein, Fiverr COO, how this will affect both parties in an email interview.

How will Studios help small businesses handle their projects and interactions with freelancers?

With Studios, businesses enjoy the same advantages as if they’re working with a small agency in the offline world. At the same time, they are still getting the same benefits they have come to expect from Fiverr’s e-commerce experience. Transparency on the scope of work including the price of the project and the necessary time for completion as well as a single point of contact to work with and manage everything.

How is Studios going to help freelancers be more effective?

For freelancers on Fiverr, Studios is an amazing opportunity to collaborate and work with talented people around the globe as part of a team or leading a team of their own.  It is also a chance for them to learn from others and work on more complex projects where they may learn new things and improve their skills.  If they chose to become a Studio lead, they don’t need to worry about billing, invoicing or managing payments; they can simply focus on doing the work they love doing, together.

How Fiverr Studios Works

Fiverr has a large pool of talent across a range of industries. With Studios, a Studio Lead will manage the different moving parts of your project. One team of writers, designers, developers, digital marketers, and more can take part in a project.

What this means for you is just a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

You start by browsing the different available Studios and choosing the one that suits your project. The Studio Lead will then oversee the entire project once you agree on the details.

The Lead will manage the team and handle all the communications between all the talent. When the project is finished, approve the delivery and you are done.

Fiverr already has several Studios for different projects, and more are on the way.

Convenience and Time

Freelancers have changed the way small businesses can access highly skilled professionals. This allows owners to be highly competitive and grow their business without breaking the bank.

Studios takes this a step further by making the process of hiring freelancers more convenient and saving owners a lot of time. A single point of contact eliminates the complexities generally associated with hiring multiple freelancers. For small businesses, it means more options with less effort.

Good to see the talent pool of freelancers are being optimized to give them and their customers more opportunities.

Klein addressed this very point in the press release. “Studios is the natural evolution of the Fiverr platform; today we have elevated our marketplace from a platform of single contributor Gigs to teams of talented freelancers collaborating as a small agency to serve all businesses, from SMBs to enterprises. It is an amazing opportunity for sellers and buyers alike to work on and have complex projects completed with the same frictionless experience they are used to getting with Fiverr.”

Image: Fiverr Studios

This article, “Fiverr Studios Helps Small Businesses Handle Major Projects” was first published on Small Business Trends

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