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10 Places to Get Business Letter Templates

10 Places to Get Business Letter Templates
Much of the business world might have gone digital. But the practice of writing, sending and receiving letters can still be effective. And it’s a compelling way to communicate with business associates.

Writing a good, old-fashioned letter can be easy, convenient and credible. It’s one of the best ways to transmit important information to recipients.

You”Unlike” an email. Messenger a message. Or send other types of digital messages. But clients, customers, colleagues and others, can hold a physical letter in their hands. And they can refer back to it at any given time.

Sending a business letter, like a simple thank you letter, can go a long way in developing and strengthening long-lasting business relationships.

If you’re a little rusty at writing letters, using a template could help you formulate the right format and wording and ensure the letter looks and sounds professional and business-like.

If you need help writing business letters, you may want to download any of the following ten business letter templates.

Brother Creative Center

Brother Creative Center allows you to create professional business letterhead templates. You can customize the templates with ease on the Brother Creative Center, with your company name and logo. The templates come in different professions and industries, ranging from beauty salon and spa to automotive and transport, with detail and design that resonates with a specific profession or sector.


You can download free templates to use with Microsoft Word from Vertex42. Templates use the standard block format that’s a standard style when conducting formal business letters. Vertex42 also provides tips and advice on how to write effective business letters.


You can download free business letter templates by creating an account on Wandershare. The site enables you to download different types of business letters, such as a rejection letter template, a farewell letter and resignation letter. The site’s PDF editor helps you edit letter and form templates before you print them off.

Microsoft Office

Download different styles and formats of business letters from Microsoft Office. The range of templates include the business letter sales stripes design, a blue curve letterhead, a geometric letterhead and a modern letterhead, among several others.

With so many different designs to choose from, finding a template to cater for the tone, message of content of the letter you’re sending, shouldn’t be difficult.

Write Express

Write Express’s comprehensive list of business letter templates are designed to help business owners find the right words and letter layouts quickly and conveniently. From acceptance letters to appointment letters, advice letters to disagreement letters, you can find a business letter template for virtually any situation on Write Express. provide formal business letter templates that can be downloaded for free In Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Google Docs. The templates are specifically related to different business scenarios, such as a business offer letter, business complaint letter, intent for business letter, business reference letter, thank you letters and more common situations that often require formal correspondence.


TemplateLAB provides 35 different formal business letter templates. The templates can be downloaded from your PC either as a Word document or a PDF. TemplateLAB also provides hints and tips on how to write effective formal letters and how to craft business letters that are concise, clear and complete.

LaTeX Templates

The LaTeX Templates’ website provides professional letter templates that are suitable for different business scenarios. When clicking on the template you require, users are directed to a description of the individual letter, who and what it is suitable for, and a preview of the letter. You can then download the letter either as a .zip or a PDF.


If you’re looking for a job offer letter template, then Betterteam could be a good place to head to. The site has three different job offer templates available for downloading, including the standard job offer letter template, an informal job offer template, and a job offer warm-up template. The downloads are instant, and you are not required to provide your email.


Workable offers a number of business letter templates available to download. From recruiting templates to HR letters, job descriptions to company policies, you can find the perfect template for different business situations on Workable. However, you need to create an account to use Workable’s resources.


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