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Nextiva Launches NextOS Suites for Small Business Communication

Nextiva Business Suites Launched for Small Businesses

Nextiva just announced a new set of tools for businesses called the Nextiva Business Suites. And this includes the Nextiva Business Communication Suite and the Nextiva Customer Relationship Suite.

What Nextiva’s New Suite Can Do

Basically, the Nextiva Business Communication Suite combines Nextiva’s voice communication solutions with CRM. And Nextiva has also included other communication offerings. So a single platform contains all these features. And the Nextiva Customer Relationship Suite includes SaaS versions of Nextiva’s CRM tools and analytics.

These suites also work with NextOS. So this single platform allows users to manage all of their communications with customers no matter what the channel. And you can include voice, email, live chat and whatever else you use. Manage relationships with customers or clients all under one umbrella.

These suites also include productivity and customer engagement analytics tools. And these help you make the most of the data you collect from those interactions. So let’s say you have already collected certain information from a customer. You won’t need to bother them for it again. Or say you’ve learned that a particular customer is only interested in a specific type of product or service. You can send them communications that are targeted to those preferences. And they even include new tech like artificial intelligence and automation. So these help you easily make sense of your customer information. And you can more effectively communicate with them going forward.

Nextiva Suite Streamlines Small Business Communication

The new tools help small businesses streamline communications with customers and clients. Because today’s businesses have more options than ever when it comes to communicating. And it makes sense to offer multiple avenues for customers to interact with you. This helps whether you’re providing service or attempting to close sales.

Now some customers prefer to communicate with you via phone or voice messages. But others prefer email. And some interactions make the most sense when completed via live chat right on your site or online. So you must offer all of these options. Then you increase your chances of reaching as many people as possible. And you increase the likelihood these interactions end with positive outcomes.

Businesses Need to Unify Communications

However, you will find managing all of those different forms of communication on separate platforms a major pain. And it goes beyond the actual process being complicated and confusing for your team. Because it leaves you with less information about your customer communications overall. Let’s say you’ve previously communicated with a customer via voice calling. But now you interact with them via email. So you wouldn’t necessarily possess the data from those previous interactions if you use separate platforms.

But Nextiva’s new suites contain all that information in a single platform. So they offer the ability to manage everything together. And they provide access to all of the information about your past interactions with customers. And that will be the case even if those interactions took place over different mediums.

Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva CMO said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Today’s customers expect to be able to contact a business however they please — via phone, email, social media, and live chat — and it’s a struggle for companies to keep up. Most businesses don’t know very much about their customers, and their data is fragmented as they face the challenge of juggling multiple applications to manage the customer journey.”

Other Features Offered on Nextiva’s New Platform

Some of the features that can help businesses analyze relationships with customers and more effectively communicate include a customer experience score that allows you to see every part of a customer’s journey, a sentiment score that shows how customers may be feeling about your brand, and a rules engine that lets you set up automatic actions when specific conditions are met.

Masjedi says, “We are excited that Nextiva Business Suites make it easy for all businesses to navigate the evolution of customer demand and gain a real-time view of their customers to ultimately improve their customer experience.”

The Nextiva Business Suites offer customizable experiences, so they’re built for businesses of any size. The suites, along with Nextiva’s other VoIP, CRM and communication tools, are available now. You can work with a company rep to get a solution that’s customized to the needs and budget of your specific business.


This article, “Nextiva Launches NextOS Suites for Small Business Communication” was first published on Small Business Trends

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