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For Small Businesses, Personal And Business Brand Is One In The Same

Personal Brand vs Corporate Brand

Personal Brand vs Corporate Brand — this is the ONE question I’m asked the most in my travels around the United States (and the world!). Almost every event I speak at people ask me this question. Here’s the deal.

We know that larger businesses have corporate brands. Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Microsoft! For the most part when we see their logos we instantly know what it means. soda, coffee, software. Right?

Of course part of your brand is the experience a company provides and what it stands for.

Virgin is about “hip flight”, Southwest “cheap tickets” and etc. Ritz Carlton — just the best hotel experience around.

What about very small businesses. I wrote about this in “Celebrity CEO

People ask me, “Ramon, can I promote my business brand but focus LESS on me as a person. Can I  be highly political, or a bit crazy (maybe offensive to my customers) in my personal Facebook page and have my corporate brand be different.”

In my experience, for very small businesses, we can’t afford to do that.

We ARE our brand and it’s an asset we can leverage that a big brand can’t.

Sure, you have Bob’s Biscuits (fictional name). He’s got a great website, logo and store front. However, Bob (and his staff) should also leverage their FACES and who they are to promote his biscuits.

I want to see him on Instagram with a biscuit throwing contest and him at events sharing biscuits with attendees and then going outside and feeding the less fortunate.

Make sense?

Let’s look at my own brand. Sure it’s “Smart Hustle” and all about helping people start and grow their businesses. However, I know that it’s SO MUCH about me. I am powering that brand. My personality, my image and etc.

For MOST of you, it’s the same.

You should not disassociate your PERSONAL IMAGE and BRAND from your corporate brand.

It’s an asset you should leverage and use.

A lady at an event recently said that she wanted to “hide” and didn’t want to be the face of her brand. I get it, it’s not easy.

But she then said her EMPLOYEES are taking to social media. Their videos are fun and are taking off. People are engaging with them and watching them.

So you CAN have a great business and NOT show your face or use it that much.

HOWEVER, using your face, image, your smile and who you are is an ASSET for your small business.

One more thing, some of you have a smaller business today and are GROWING IT much bigger. In this case, you’re growing to be a “Coca-Cola” brand where you want your corporate brand to dominate the business. You might sell it one day and you are not doing all the work – your team, sales staff, customer service staff and more are the face of the company – possibly more than you.

In summary, for VERY small businesses, YOUR personal brand and YOUR corporate brand are interlaced. OWN it and leverage t.

Your brand is YOU and YOU are your brand.

A strong personal is built by SHOWING UP and BEING PRESENT and CONSISTENT.

Social media is a POWERFUL way to get the word out about you and your business. Video, a regular show (like #AskRamonRay – on Facebook Live on Sunday’s 8pm). It’s about the business cards you have. It’s how you carry yourself and so much more.


This article, “For Small Businesses, Personal And Business Brand Is One In The Same” was first published on Small Business Trends

Feature your business, services, products, events & news. Submit Website.