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Finding the Most Profitable Online Niches Doesn’t Have to be Hard, See Our List of the Top 20

The 20 Most Profitable Niches Online

The internet provides almost endless ways to start businesses of all shapes and sizes and make money.

Most Profitable Niches

Start using the World Wide Web for financial gain. And take a look at the following 20 most profitable online niche markets. They’ll help you determine which online sector would be best for you.


You’ll find courses, ebooks, coaching, videos and more that offer self-improvement advice and training online. Do you possess experience in overcoming fears or improving aspects of your own life or those of others? This might include increasing confidence, self-esteem or assertiveness. Then consider tapping into this $10-billion-a-year industry. It could prove a lucrative and rewarding venture to start.

Online Dating

Forecasts place the worth of the online dating industry at $12 billion by 2020. And so this burgeoning industry presents ample opportunities to make money.

Many dating sites offer commissions to marketers for signing up new leads. So this could provide one way to profit off this niche online sector. And if you’re feeling brave and ambitious, start your own online dating website?


The increasingly globalized world provides another opportunity. Because learning another language has become an extremely desirable skill. And the internet offers opportunities to learn a new language conveniently, efficiently and inexpensively.

So more and more people turn to the internet to learn other languages. And teaching English, Spanish or other languages online could prove to be a profitable, enjoyable and rewarding venture.


The pet industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. And this fact from the American Pet Products Association makes the point. Americans now spend around $72 billion on pets. And this represents the most profitable the industry has ever been.

Given our growing love for pets, setting up an online pet-focussed business, such as selling pet products or writing pet ebooks, could be a profitable online niche to get into.


The beauty and cosmetics industry is growing at a rapid rate, providing a wealth of opportunity for beauty-savvy entrepreneurs to start their own online beauty business such as anti-aging clinics, online makeup tutorials and beauty product ecommerce stores, to name just several.

Many of the large beauty product manufacturers offer network marketing opportunities that offer financial rewards for selling their products.

Home Décor and DIY

If you’re something of a DIY expert or home décor enthusiast, you could capitalize on your skills by offering DIY and home décor advice and support online in the way of online tutorials, ebooks, blogs and more.

Baby Products and Services

If you adore babies, selling baby products or offering baby-focussed services online, such as assistance in organizing baby showers or offering advice related to babies, could be one of the most profitable online niche markets to get involved in.

Music Instrument Tuition

If you’re an ace guitarist, drummer, pianist or any other type of musician, teach your skills to others online and earn a tidy profit in the process. You could even start your own YouTube channel teaching your musical instrument to others.


Got a hobby you can call yourself an expert in such as fishing, golfing or dancing? If so, tap into the profitable niche of offering online hobby support and assistance by launching your own instructional courses.


If you’re a stickler for cooking, a huge online audience is waiting to hear your tips, recipes and cooking advice. Tap into the massive online cooking niche by starting your own cooking YouTube channel, writing a cooking blog or sharing your recipes online.

Tech and Gadgets

Data from the Pew Research Center shows that 95 percent of Americans now own a cell phone of some form.

As society becomes increasingly tech-orientated, buying and selling tech gadgets such as mobile phone cases and tablet chargers can be a profitable niche to get into.

Real Estate

Real estate has long been a potentially profitable business to be involved in. If you’ve not got the funds to purchase and develop property, you can still make money from the online property market by working for real estate agencies earning commission for referrals, displaying property ads on your website, writing property-related articles, and more.


If you’re a seasoned traveler, why not share your love for travel and make a profit in the process by getting involved in this popular online niche market. From writing a travel blog to publishing inspiring travel photos on Instagram, there’s plenty of ways to start a profitable travel-orientated online venture.

Social Media Marketing

If you consider yourself as a social marketing guru, then why not capitalize on your knowledge and skills by offering social media marketing services to businesses and individuals or don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to make their social media campaigns a success?

Loans and Financing

Getting involved in affiliate marketing for the loans and financing niche can pay well and earn you a decent income online.

Making Money Online

The internet might be laden with get rich quick promises but there are legitimate ways to make money online. In this niche there are opportunities to make money through the make money online products and courses you promote via affiliate networks.


If you consider yourself to be a wine, beer, spirits or any type of alcohol connoisseur, getting involved in affiliate marketing programs for wine and beer clubs or for online stores, can be a fun and enjoyable way to share your knowledge of your favorite tipple with others, and make an income in the process.

Weight Loss

In 2017, the weight loss industry in the US was estimated to be worth $68.2 billion. With obesity levels continuing to rise in the US, there is a huge market for helping people lose weight and live healthier lifestyles.

From writing weight loss ebooks to posting fitness videos on YouTube, if you’re a keep fit fanatic, providing weight loss advice and support to others could be the right online niche for you.


If you’re a sports fanatic with expertise in a particular sport or several, share your love and knowledge of the sport to others in this profitable online niche through the likes of videos, ebooks, selling sports apparel and more.


When it comes to entertainment, we simply can’t get enough! With billions of dollars being spent on entertainment every year, developing your own niche around this topic such as reviewing movies and video games, is likely to prove a profitable venture.


This article, “Finding the Most Profitable Online Niches Doesn’t Have to be Hard, See Our List of the Top 20” was first published on Small Business Trends

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