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Add Website

Add a Wesite to TopFeatured.com.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Our insertion fee is primarily for the time and effort of a Network Advertising editor to do a genuine evaluation of your website.

2. TopFeatured.com is a family friendly directory-search engine, so we don't allow websites with adult, warez or illegal content or websites that link to warez, porn or illegal content.

3. We do allow inside pages of your website to be listed (Deep Linking).

4. The basic criteria for acceptance is that your site contains substantial original content. If your site is a mirror site or primarily contains links selling affiliate products, it will be rejected. Your Listing Fee will immediately be refunded should your site be rejected. If you believe your site was rejected in error, refer to our appeal process.

5. Your website must have an English translation to link to.

6. Website placement and description used is at the sole discretion of the directory.

7. For security purposes, we accept payment via Paypal. Visa, Master Card, Amex and checking debit cards are accepted. You do not have to have a Paypal account to complete a secure purchase.

Two types of listing durations available.

1. Annual Listing.

2. No expiration Listing, pay one time.

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