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Naked Elephant in the Room

by Anonymous

It must be weird to be white. To feel the need to go out and “play” with other white people. It must be even weirder to participate in the Naked White People’s Bike Ride, which is what I call it. Like years before, looking at the photos and watching the videos, it’s just a sea of naked white bodies. I’ve brought this up before and with people of color (like myself), there’s a sly look and a snicker. When I bring it up to white people, they get all defensive and always… ALWAYS… dispute that it’s an all-white event by saying they “saw a black guy” in the SEA OF NAKED WHITE BODIES. Sure, you might have a person of color or two, but it’s OVERWHELMINGLY a white event. In a city obsessed with race, I wonder why no news outlet has ever pointed this out? I also wonder if even a single person in the mass of naked white bodies ever had the thought, “Hey, there’s a helluva lot of white people here.” Probably not.

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