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Calyn Thompson gets the best view from the National Balloon Classic

INDIANOLA, Iowa – People south of the metro are keeping their eyes on the sky this week for the National Balloon Classic.

WHO 13’s Calyn Thompson had the chance to go up in a hot air balloon Monday night.

There was a mass ascension, where all the participating balloons launched from the same place at the same time. Someone was there to direct traffic and tell crews when to go.

Pilots use a burner to propel hot air into the envelope to make the balloon rise.

Dale Dommer is the pilot of “Midnight Masquerade” and explains what it’s like to hang in the sky and float with the clouds.

“It’s just so peaceful. I mean here we’re floating along, we’re climbing a little bit right now,” Dommer said. “Right behind me here is the city of Des Moines, downtown Des Moines and you can see so far. And it’s just such a peaceful feeling to just be floating along with mother nature.”

The National Balloon Classic runs through Saturday.

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