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No need to be alone

by Anonymous

You are not unseen. You are not unheard.
We are doing what we can to reach you.

Humans can be difficult and stubborn at (most) times, but eventually they figure things out. Keep taking care of yourself and broadcasting what love you can to the world.

It’s important to recognize the power you have to stop others from experiencing pain and sadness. This can be a challenging power to wield at times, but it’s a power we can all exercise via the choices we make about how to treat others as well as ourselves.

Changing the world is a big thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can start by changing your own little world. Being more conscious of what substance and substances you put into your body.

Maybe taking a short break from depictions of violence or partaking in alcohol and cannabis. Maybe trying to eat more salads and get in 28 minutes of meditation at day.

Sometimes when you take a moment to just sit in the bad feelings and process them, really process them, you’ll find they aren’t anything you can’t handle. I mean you’ve made it this far and that’s pretty awesome.

If the world feels too big and scary, make it smaller. Practice changing the world inside you and around your home, pretty soon, the rest of the world won’t seem much of a challenge at all.

It’s still your turn.

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