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YOUR SUNDAY READING LIST: Fill Out Your Ballot, Portland Speaks Up on Abortion Rights, and Blood-Drinking Celebs

by Wm. Steven Humphrey

Good morning, Ill be with you in just a minute... as soon as I read these 27 AH-MAZING Mercury articles!

“Good morning, I’ll be with you in just a minute… as soon as I read these 27 AH-MAZING Mercury articles! JLco – Julia Amaral/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

GOOD MORNING, SUNDAY! It’s the perfect time to catch up on some of the great reporting and stories the Mercury churned out this week! (PRO TIP: If you despise being “the last to know,” then be one of the first to know by signing up for Mercury newsletters! All the latest stories shipped directly to your email’s in-box… and then… YOUR HEAD.)

Spring Into Action: The Mercury’s Election Endorsements for May 17, 2022
Need help filling out your ballot? Well, lucky you… the Mercury’s May Election Endorsements are here!


Multnomah County’s Homeless Population Up 30 Percent From 2019, Data Shows
Multnomah County’s homeless population has grown by more than 1,000 people since 2019. The majority of the increase is made up of people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.



Oregon Medical Providers, Politicians, and the Public Respond to Draft Repeal of Roe
Local and state leaders are pushing back against threats to Roe following this week’s leak of a SCOTUS draft ruling.



Here’s How Mayor Wheeler Wants to Spend $35 Million in Excess Budget Dollars
It’s budget season! An unexpected spike in business tax revenue means Portland has more money to work with this time around. Here’s where Mayor Wheeler wants to drop those funds.


Mathieu Lewis-Rolland

Put on your rubber gloves… it’s time for the newest TRASH REPORT! This week: nearly nude skiiers, a local haunted church for sale, and which of your fave celebs are drinking blood!


Rich Polk / Getty Images Entertainment

• City Proposes $2.4 Million in Climate Investments
Portland’s proposed city budget includes $2.4 million in climate investments, the city announced Tuesday. While the budget item would be the largest climate investment in the city’s history, city staff say it’s a drop in the bucket.



Robert Evans’ After the Revolution: A Vision of a Splintered US Future (With Nudist Cyborg Super-Soldiers)
Just in time for the dystopia, Behind the Bastards podcast host Robert Evans has an excellent new speculative novel called After the Revolution—about a splintered, 2070 United States.



• Pop Quiz PDX!
Crank up that brain, it’s time for another super-fun POP QUIZ PDX! This week: Adventures with the “nearly nude,” abortion-hating Republicans, and duck egg dilemmas! 🦆 (Plus enter to win free pizza! 🍕)


Vintage Jockey Advertisement

• All the Day-Old Pastries in Portland Can Be Yours with Food Waste App “Too Good To Go”
Danish app Too Good To Go is similar to the unexpected glory of being at a coffee house at closing time and hearing those three magic words: “Anybody want bagels?” But it’s an app.


Too Good to Go

• Savage Love: Open and Shut
He agreed to open up the marriage for his bisexual wife, but now she’s “catching feelings” for someone else. What’s a het dude to do? Dan Savage has some advice in this week’s SAVAGE LOVE!


Joe Newton

WOW, THAT IS A LOT OF GOOD READIN’. I hope you didn’t have any other plans this weekend! Dig in, and remember: Producing all this hard work costs moolah—so please consider contributing to the Mercury to keep it all coming! Thanks!

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