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The Boys Of 98’ March Across The Country With College Tour “BUZZIN ACROSS AMERICA SZN 1


Group of friends turned social media celebrities have taking their brand to the next level, doing college tours all across the country.

(PRUnderground) April 28th, 2022

At this point in time it is no secret to many across the country who “The Boys of 98’ also known as Matthew Cianci, Christian Camarata, Stefan Rebello, and Matthew Maccarone are. Recently this social media group turned trending college brand has completed a college tour going to some of the largest universities in the United States.

Matthew Cianci, Christian Camarata, Stefan Rebello, and Matthew Maccarone focused on making their journey for 13 weeks with each week having a different school and destination, based on college football schedule. The list of schools and location for the tour is as follows Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio State, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Florida State, Miami and University of Florida. Throughout season 1 of the tour the social media brand and group focused on hosting a bar night at the most glorified spot for each college town. Not only did this draw a huge crowd, but gave a chance for The Boys Of 98’ to interact with their ever growing fan base from across the country.

While this journey started as a hobby for The Boys Of 98’, it had quickly turned into a business and international brand amongst Canada, the home country for the social media group, and now more largely, The United States. The group had managed to capture the hearts of hundreds of thousands of millennials.

Important to note The Boys Of 98′ had secured sponsorship from top companies amongst the college demographic including BetOnline, Happy Dad, and Full Send Brand by Nelk.

Hopping back into the details of The Boys Of 98’s first true debut with their tour, the goal was to find the number 1 party school in the country. Also with the true goal of being able to show to their audience the different college scenes among different schools and parts of the country. Inevitably The Boys Of 98 had come up with a personal ranking system for Season 1 of their tour. The basis of their ranking took into account the experiences, diverse entertainment, nightlife scene, and greek life all while vlogging and documenting every step of the way for their fans. By The Boys Of 98 documenting this experience and posting to fans internationally, this gave their audience the ability to interact and feel the same experience the group had indirectly.

Overall, The Boys Of 98′ had finished their inaugural BUZZIN ACROSS AMERICA TOUR, and this was merely the start. The final ranking for the best and worst institutions revealed Alabama as number one with a 9.3/10 and University Of Miami as the lowest scoring, 6.3/10. However, don’t be alarmed; The Boys Of 98′ are only getting started with their social media and brand takeover, and your college town might be next.

The Boys Of 98’ Members:

Matthew Cianci, Christian Camarata, Stefan Rebello, and Matthew Maccarone

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