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Social media helped Valley Junction shop survive the pandemic

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A small business in Valley Junction has relied heavily on the internet and social media to sustain her business throughout the pandemic.

“Facebook and Instagram have been the lifeline to our customer base. You can email people, and you can text people, but the visual aspect of social media, there’s nothing that can replace that,” said Becky Pospisal, owner of the Knotty Nail, a DIY craft shop in West Des Moines’ Valley Junction.

Pospisal says social media has allowed her business to expand its reach beyond Iowa. She offers in-person group studio events and mails out kits to customers through a subscription-based service.

“We launched subscription-based services this year with a monthly craft box. We have three different options for adults and for kids. That’s been our biggest pivot,” said Pospisal. “January and February are typically big months for us because it’s yucky outside and nobody wants to go anywhere, so they want to come and do activities indoors, but with the amount of people who have been sick we’ve really been pushing the online stuff.”

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