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Hair Transplant at the Hairpol Clinic

With a hair transplant in Turkey at the Hairpol Clinic in Istanbul, patients are able to get their hair back with the most modern methods!

(PRUnderground) November 26th, 2021

Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality hair transplant clinic that’ll transform your appearance? Maybe you’ve found just the solution.

As one of the leading hair transplant clinics, Hairpol treats men and women all around the world who suffer from hair loss.

Besides hair transplantation, this clinic offers various medical treatments such as Botox, fillers, laser treatments, non-surgical skin regeneration, facelift, jawline, regional slimming treatments, and much more.

But, hair transplantation is what makes this clinic genuinely stand out from the rest.

About the services

The well-equipped clinic is accredited by The Ministry of Health and certified to provide health services to foreign patients. Besides the painless hair transplant in Turkey operations, surgeons are trained specialists in applying local anesthesia and sedation for the most comfortable and pain-free experience.

The hair transplant services Hairpol offers are the following:

●      Smooth FUE Method;

●      Free online video consultation for all foreign patients;

●      Successful results with the high density of grafts;

●      Three skilled surgeons and experienced hair transplant staff;

●      1-year follow-up for all patients;

●      A warm, stylish, and clean clinic environment with great hospitality;

●      Offices in different countries around the world for in-person meetings.

Successful results, a comfortable process, straightforward communication, and affordable service are the main reasons why so many people decide to do their hair transplantation procedure at the Hairpol clinic. Quality, specialty, client satisfaction, and exemplary hospitality are the main features that make Hairpol a popular choice worldwide.

All future Hairpol clients are provided with the following services as part of their hair transplant package:

●      24/7 patient service

●      accommodation at a 5* premium hotel (2 nights)

●      airport greeting & VIP transfer

●      multilingual patient representative

●      blood tests before the operation

●      hair transplant operation

●      medication and post-op care kit

●      certificate of guarantee

●      post-op support with follow-up calls

●      special packages for hair-beard-eyebrow transplants

About the staff

Quality services and results that exceed expectations wouldn’t be possible without a highly-trained and experienced hair transplant team.

A team of medical doctors specializing in medical aesthetics and anesthesiology is accompanied by skilled and experienced medical workers who work together to deliver some of the best hair transplant transformations.

All surgeons are registered to the Turkish Ministry of Health, which guarantees their expertise in the hair transplant field.

Furthermore, patient representatives are highly qualified and multilingual individuals who ensure the patients feel understood and accepted throughout their stay.

The hospitality, perfectionist approach, and private patient services provided by the entire Hairpol team are among the top reasons why the clinic is among the top-rated ones.

The process of hair transplantation

The entire process of hair transplantation at the Hairpol clinic can be divided into three stages – before, during, and after the operation.

Before the operation:

●      Responding to all inquiries and establishing an informative diagnosis within 24 hours after the initial contact;

●      Careful examination of client’s photos, which are used to create a personalized hair transplant method and plan;

●      Examination of patient’s general health condition and medications used to refine the details of the hair transplant procedure;

●      Informing the patient about the entire process and ensuring the patient has realistic expectations;

●      Preparing the client for the procedure;

During the operation:

●      Medical staff registered within The Ministry of Health working on hair transplant procedures;

●      Use of disposable instruments for each patient;

●      Use of high-quality tools and top-class equipment;

●      The highest hygiene standards across all operating rooms;

●      Implementation of the latest sedation and hair transplantation methods;

After the operation:

●      Providing natural-looking hair transplant results;

●      Achieving maximum graft and good density;

●      Special care and attention to detail of both recipient and donor areas;

●      A detailed post-op overview with the surgeon;

●      24/7 patient relation services and a 1-year follow-up;

●      Supplying patients with the necessary post-op hair care products;

●      Providing written instructions and videos to patients for the correct and optimal post-op care;


Suppose you’re interested in transforming your appearance by transplanting your hair. In that case, you can contact the Hairpol clinic specializing in hair transplantation via phone, email, or WhatsApp to schedule a free appointment.

Situated in Istanbul, Turkey, the clinic is located in the hair transplantation center, where the patients can expect to receive some of the best results. For in-person consultations, Hairpol also has offices in Germany, Spain, Denmark, and the UK.

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