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Why Suelki, a Beaustar Influencer and Mommy Blogger Says CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion Doubles as a Baby Lotion for Her and Her Daughter’s Skin

For Suelki who suffers redness and dry skin on face, legs and arms, especially in winter, CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion has been the perfect solution. But she also doubles it as a baby lotion for her daughter’s skin to give her extra care and moisture during the cold, harsh winter months. Here’s why she loves it so much for herself and her child.

(PRUnderground) November 1st, 2021

The Beaustar influencers in South Korea are the gold standard for skin care reviews in South Korea. Recently, Suelki, a Beaustar mommy blogger reviewed CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion on her blog, Your Shining Moment, having tried it for her dry skin which becomes red and chapped in winter. She also finds the product a perfect double for baby lotion, which cuts down on costs and clutter of storing bottles and tubes of products. CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion is K-Beauty’s first ever “smart” skin care with the patented super ceramide formula Neuromide and triple-biotics, formulated to help faster calming and skin barrier restoration.

Since I was born, my skin has always gotten chapped and red in winter, on my cheeks, arms and legs,” Seulki explained in the beginning of her review. “I’m always on the search for the lotion that will really give my skin the care it needs. That’s why I tried CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion. I found it safe and with a deep moisturizing feeling in my skin. It also protects children’s fragile skin.” Suelki backed up her text with photos of CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion applied to her four year-old daughter’s cheeks. “The texture is moist and silky and I like the deep feeling of coolness that soothes my skin as soon as I apply it,” she added. “My four year old child who has no choice but to go out every day in winter gets red bumps on her cheeks from the cold and wind, so I like how soothing it is for her when I put it on her cheeks after her bath. We have seen dramatic improvements really quickly!”

CURECODE Double Barrier Lotion contains an arsenal of intensive skin care ingredients, including patented Neuromide, formulated to acts like postbiotics to foster a healthy skin microbiome to calm skin irritation and keep skin calm. Ceramide NP also boosts the ceramide levels in the skin barrier, actually stimulating the skin into believing it’s healthy and building itself up the way a strong skin barrier does. St. John’s Wort and a blend of skin nourishing natural oils and sunflower boost the skin’s nutrient levels while helping to calm and hydrate.

More information and a complete ingredients list are available on the product’s webpage.

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