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Iowa DNR expects another good pheasant hunting season

IOWA — Pheasant hunting season started on Saturday just before sunrise in Iowa, in the middle of a beautiful fall weekend.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources predicts that many hunters will be out this season due to the good weather as well as the large bird population.

“We have roughly the same population we had last year and last year ran an excellent hunting season. This year we’ve got three of our nine population regions with at least 30 births on average, which is the first time since 2007,” said Iowa DNR spokesman Mick Klemesrud. “Central Iowa had a 25% increase in bird numbers. all this has got the attention of hunters and not only residents but non-residents as well.”

While the pandemic created a surge in people getting licenses and heading out to hunt, the DNR said that since other activities started to reopen, the numbers are pretty much back to normal.

But they encourage people to get out to hunt in Iowa this season, as it goes until January 10, 2022.

Even if you are not an experienced hunter, this is a great time to give it a try as pheasant hunting, in particular, is picking up due to the increasing bird count.

“This is a great opportunity to invite friends along that maybe didn’t have the opportunity to grow up hunting and you can mentor them, they can get a mentor license, which means they don’t have to go through hunter education but they have to hunt with someone who can provide that guidance,” said Klemesrud.

You can find more information on pheasant hunting in Iowa as well as where and how to get a license here.

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