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Walnut Worktop

A relative just acquired a house and there’s quite a bit of work that needs doing. The first thing that stuck out like an sore thumb was the kitchen worktop. It looked like had been painted with some sort of brown varnish which has filled over the years.

Woodwork is all new top me, however I noticed it was a veneer worktop that could have some potential when stripped back. I wanted to give it a try before scrapping the lot and buying a new worktop.

I acquired a Ryobi mouse sander and went through various grits to get the existing varnish off. The sandpaper kept clogging and upon research I discovered a cabinet scraper, which made it 100x easier to take off the existing varnish.

After removing all the varnish, I went through 60/80/120/180 sand papers to get it as smooth as possible. Then gave it 5 coats of danish oil, whilst giving it a light sand in between using 400 grit.

In hindsight, the coarse grits dug into the wood as I was quite aggressive at the start. There’s a few scratch marks which I didn’t spot until the varnish was applied.

Any-who, happy with the light work and the results. Any ideas how to give it a bit of a sheen finish?

Walnut Worktop

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