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Honda Pilot Complete Rear Suspension Rebuild (Part 1)

This video covers the complete rear suspension rebuild on a first generation Honda Pilot (’03-’08-some of this info also works for later models). Every part of this rear suspension gets rebuilt in this series, control arms, shocks, stabilizer links and bushings, rear CV boots, differential seals, rear brakes and more. Part 1 covers the removal of the rear suspension, differential, and subframe.

Honda Pilot Complete Rear Suspension Rebuild (Part 2): Link posted when video is available

Honda Pilot Complete Rear Suspension Rebuild (Full Version):

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Snap-on Line Wrench Set Metric:

Hood Prop (Brake Pedal Holder):

Bolt Biter Sockets:

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator:

Eastwood Internal Frame Coating:

Impact Driver:

Drum Brake Tools:

Milwaukee 1/2” Impact:


Differential Seals: 91206-PGJ-013

Stabilizer Bar Bushings: 52306-S3V-A00

Stabilizer Links: 52325-S3V-023

CV Boot Outer: 42018-S9V-A50

CV Boot Inner: 42017-S9V-010

Front Differential Bolt: 90161-S3V-A01

R Control Arm: 52371-S3V-A00

L Control Arm: 52372-S3V-A00

Dog bone Control Arms: 52345-S0X-A01

Adjustable Upper Control Arms:

Cam Bolt Kit: 06520-S0X-C00

Upper Spring Seat: 52686-S3V-023

Dampers (Shocks): 52610-S9V-A02

R Lower Control Arm: 52350-S9V-A00

L Lower Control Arm: 52372-S3V-A00

Subframe Bolts: 90160-S0X-A00

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