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Acoustic Research AR-1?

A friend of mine recently gifted me a non-matching pair of Acoustic Research AR-1 towers that a moving company busted up pretty good. These were supposed to have a left and right pair and I’ve got either two rights or lefts.

I haven’t tested them yet, but if the subs work I’m thinking about taking the plate amplifiers and side firing subwoofers and building new cabinets for them.

Basically free, other than time and materials dual 15″ subwoofers!

If I decide to go forward with this project I’m assuming that as long as my cabinet volume is the same, shape doesn’t matter that much?

The towers are pretty narrow and deep. I’m thinking more of a traditional cube style box. Would this be an issue?

I believe the plate amps have multiple hookup options and I’ll probably break down and get a miniDSP for integration. Any other issues I might run into?

My other thought was to just build all new cabinets for the entire tower, their current state is beyond my realm of repair. But I figured two separate subs gives me more flexibility.

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