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Good Afternoon, News: Vaccinated Kissing Allowed, Redistricting Drama Explained, and Booster Shots Approved… For Some

by Wm. Steven Humphrey

According to the OHA, if youre both vaccinated, you may now smooch sans masks!

According to the OHA, if you’re both vaccinated, you may now smooch sans masks! Drazen_ / Getty Images

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• Confused about Oregon’s current legislative redistricting drama, and what’s slowing it down? Abe Asher explains it all for you (and doesn’t skimp on the juicy political stuff)!

• As it has been nationally, gun violence continues to surge as well in Portland with seven shootings taking place in the space of 15 hours. (Cue the Portland Police to start screaming for unreasonable monetary demands even though their crime solving ability—which definitely includes shootings—freaking sucks.)

• A young Black man was shot and killed by a white man during a dispute in downtown Bend, Oregon. Now prosecutors are trying to decide whether the altercation arose out of a simple disagreement, or if it should be treated as a hate crime.

• Another great reason to get vaccinated? Oregon Health Authority announced that if you AND the object of your affection are both vaccinated, and you’re being otherwise safe, it’s TIME TO GET INTIMATE AGAIN. So pucker up, hot stuff!

• Prolific Tuareg songwriter/guitarist Mdou Moctar’s newest release, Afrique Victime, demonstrates the artist’s immense talents, and how much he’s overcome to continue developing as a musician in the desert of Africa. Check out the review of the upcoming show by the always knowledgable Jenni Moore.

• Calling all smarty pants! It’s time for our fun, weekly POP QUIZ PDX, featuring sassy Qs about extremist school boards, “erratic” rocks, and one question about Oregon football that will possibly get the author run out of town. IT’S QUIZ TIME!


• A gunman in a Memphis Kroger grocery store has killed one person and seriously injured at least a dozen more before committing suicide, according to police.

• Advisers to the CDC are saying that COVID-19 booster shots should be offered to people 65 and older, nursing home residents, and those over 50 who have underlying health problems. Notably absent from this list: healthcare workers who can’t afford to get even a mild infection.

• Once again, thanks to obstructive Republicans, the federal government is a week away from a shutdown, and the White House is ordering certain agencies to start making preparations. Meanwhile, congressional Democrats and the White House have reportedly reached a deal on how the multitrillion-dollar social safety net bill will be paid for, which has been a major hurdle. However, some major Dems are saying this so-called “deal” is the first they’ve heard of it.

• A former Louisiana State Police trooper has been charged with a civil rights violation after he beat a Black man with a flashlight 18 times—an indictment which comes on the heels of an investigation of other Louisiana troopers brutally assaulting Black people.

• The Biden administration is thinking pretty seriously about releasing damning information to Congress about what Trump and his toadies were cooking up on and before the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol—and Trump is losing his mind about it (as innocent people often do when facts are revealed).

• Are you ready for some sexy fun? Then don’t miss HUMP! 2021—featuring tons of hotsy-totsy five-minute filthy flicks—coming at ya LIVE AND IN-PERSON at Revolution Hall for two screenings only on October 1! (You can stream it online, too!) GET THOSE TIX QUICK, it’s heading toward a sell-out!

• Get ready for one of the most delicious weeks of the year! The Mercury’s WING WEEK returns Oct 4-10 with 24 creative wing dishes from your fave restaurants and bars—and they’re only $6 per plate! YES, PLEASE!

• And now… THE WEATHER REPORT: Expect sunny skies tomorrow with a toasty high of 87!

• And finally, for those (like me!) who are constantly battling with your brain… this one’s for you.

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