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Anti-vaxers SMH

by Anonymous

Right now the anti-vaxers in my circle are massage therapists.

You studied scientific textbooks to get certified. It is time for you to dig into an immunology textbook instead of getting your information from Facebook and conspiracy media.

Some people are born with the privilege of it-person appearance and a middle class upbringing.

You got infected with the Ashland anti-vax disease and floated through the festival life. Unfortunately your years of smoking spliffs has put you in the high risk group for actual disease the vaccine prevents.

If you studied those immunology textbooks, you will find the immune system is entirely natural. The horse medicine you were trying to find on Facebook for yourself is not.

It seemed like you were just turning the corner on getting vaccinated because your client business did not want to be exposed. But then you doubled down on publishing anti-vax falsehoods and organizing anti-vax protests.

The privilege of looks is not going to get you into heaven when the decision is based on actions.

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