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Ain’t No Use To Sit And Wonder Why

by Anonymous

I remember beginning pandemonium, empty streets. I remember mid pandemic, polite people, where one of us walking towards each other would veer off the street or mask up. Now, no respect or courtesy whatsoever. Scooters buzzing by on sidewalks. Joggers running by, with their huff and puff in the air. Bicycles riding by on the sidewalks. Groups of 3 or more walking down sidewalks, unmovable, full of cheer and naivety, with no attempt for social distance, or masking up. I remember back April walking to work, an hour walk, and id never seen anyone on the street, maybe a couple people. Sure, it was 630 am, and still compared to now, everyone is out and about. Especially walking dogs. Were dogs not being walked before, or did that happen later in the day because of no work? There was a mom with her four kids on the bus. One kid with her mask scarf and one cool kid with nose exposed. Come on mom, you are the reason your kids turn out to be entitled losers. Ill leave with this, humans need continual contact and attention, to be spoiled, needing to constantly be served, standing in lines for donuts, lattes, and Timbers, or sitting at tables oblivious to neighbors who might still be cautious. The aliens have landed. Or either way, I’m no longer part of your human race. I no longer have a desire to integrate into society if this is what it means to be amongst complete selfishness.

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