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The Fixing it Forward Odyssey Blew Up! (Episode 8)

On the same day Jennifer picked up her new Odyssey, the engine seized up on the highway. This is my worst nightmare. After all that work and effort, the exact thing I didn’t want to happen, happened.

So what do you do in this situation? Fix it, which is exactly what I do in this episode. I replace the engine in the 2005 Honda Odyssey as well as fix up a few other minor issues and I get Jennifer back on the road ASAP.

I will be making a separate video tearing down the old engine to see what went wrong. Right now, I need to get Jennifer back on the road.

Engine Tear Down Video: Video posted when available

Previous Episode: 2005 Honda Odyssey Give Away (Episode 7) Fixing it Forward:

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Transmission Filter: 25450-RAY-003

Rear Main Seal: 91214-RKG-003

Power Steering Feed Line: 53713-SHJ-A01


CRC Brake Cleaner 5 Gallon:

Brake Cleaner Sprayer:

IR 3/8” Impact:

Milwaukee 1/2” Impact:


Thread Chaser Set:

Plumb Bob:

Lady Slipper:

John Dow Fluid Extractor:

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