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Well it must’ve been an archaic tongue

by Anonymous

Zephyr in the sky at night. i wonder.

Are you searching? are you within reach? could i ever be lucky enough to steal a kiss from you? could i earn one?

Vacant stares at my screen fail to provide me anything close to answer. its not that i’ve never been able to shake you from my mind. its that this brain keeps looping back to you.

My favorite story is the one you say you forgot. its that time you were caught locking all the bathroom stalls from the inside. of all the memories i have been cursed with that one never fails to make me smile.

IF there is anything i’d wish for it’d be the opportunity to call you my deer friend. i’ve learned to hedge my bets. earlier today i said a little prayer and wished for the opportunity to hear about your bad days.

My god, i just find your brain so amazing. i keep noticing my unconscious or semiconscious mirroring of you. i am not asking for forever, but an afternoon sounds nice. my brain continues circling back to that fateful lunch, it was too too short.

With everything i’ve faced, its reaching out to you that terrifies me. i find your brain most beautiful, i want to discover more of you.

Plus, you are a runner and it shows. i heard your voice today. i melted again.

Nothing means everything. and everything is tied to you and me. i know because i did most of this on purpose, and the rest of it by accident.

Stupid you could call it that, i would never dare to ask you for a smile, but maybe you could help me with a hint… fall fast, fall free, fall for me

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