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Mind your own business

by Anonymous

I can wear a mask. I’m fully vaccinated. It’s my personal choice.
This afternoon I got dirty looks from a tween and her mom at a clothing store. They were at the cash register getting their items. They weren’t wearing masks. I was standing in line behind a tween and her mom. The tween saw me wearing my mask, whispered in her mom’s ear, and pointed at me. The mom turned and stared at me. So I stared back. Then I looked around the store. A cashier called me over. The cashier asked how are you today or something along those lines and I spoke loud enough so the rude people would hear. I told the cashier I’m doing well, except for rude people giving me dirty looks for wearing a mask. I said this loud enough so that the rude mom and daughter would hear me. They walked by me to leave the store. I’m pretty sure they could hear me.
(This is in Gresham, so attitudes might be somewhat different here than in some areas of Portland, I’m not sure.)
Strangers don’t know my health risk or that I live with my older parents. I don’t want to get the Delta variant or any other variant. I don’t want to lose my senses of taste and smell. I know someone who is fully vaccinated and who got Covid and has lost her sense of taste and smell, who knows for how long.
I’m going to keep wearing masks so I don’t have a cold or flu or any Covid variant. That’s my choice. I don’t think this pandemic is done with us yet.
Anyway. Mind your own business, people.

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