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Discover the Power of Prayer With Deborah Clay


The author believes success is getting back up, believing, and trying again.

(PRUnderground) July 16th, 2021

For readers who feel like failures for not achieving success at their first or hundredth attempt, Unwavering Success with Deborah Clay, now for sale on Amazon, will help them realize that their struggle is worth their while.

Clay is a dedicated Christian Witness of Jehovah. The verse, “The righteous one may fall seven times, and he will get up again” (Proverbs 24:16), has been foundational on her road to success. Her mission is to help those who struggle financially and spiritually to change their lives by laying a spiritually solid foundation, then adding secular components to achieve their idea of success.

Openly and without guilt or embarrassment, Clay talks about her failures and how she picked herself up and continued her journey towards success, even when her future seemed bleak.

She believes that when things get hard, the power of believing despite having failed will get you back up on your feet.

“Had I chosen to end my life back then, I would have missed out on so many blessings. I am no longer afraid to live, and I have learned that failing is okay. When it happened to me, I chose to get up,” says Clay.

If we’re willing to go out of our comfort zone and use our fear against the unknown to achieve something great, then Clay believes we can persevere and find lifelong success.

When nothing seems to go right, Unwavering Success will help us see that everything happens for a reason and that every downfall is an opportunity to grow and count our blessings.

“I know Deborah Clay on a personal and professional level. As my friend, she has always proved to be loyal and caring. Deborah is meticulous and takes pride in all that she does. She is creative and will always find a way to overcome any obstacles thrown in her path. It has been an honor to have Deborah as a friend and colleague. She has enriched our lives in many ways. I am sure she will be successful in whatever she reaches out to do. Warm Regards.” — Testimonial by Patty Lynn, Owner, OC Janitorial.

“I have known Deborah Clay for over thirty-three years. I have watched her grow into an individual whom I would love to become. She is hard-working, compassionate, and giving. She will go above and beyond to help those who need her help. She is very credible and trustworthy. Most of all, she is a loving mother, grandmother, daughter, and friend. No matter what Deb is going through, she always manages to get things done. We’ve been through some rough times together, and Deb has always been there for me, no matter what. I have learned many things from her. She is a phenomenal woman. I will always be her friend.” — Testimonial by Kymberly Eppinger, Friend.

Failure is not an embarrassment but rather a learning opportunity. Order Unwavering Success with Deborah Clay on Amazon.

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