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Choosing the perfect paint color with Stacy Molander 


Are you ready to really switch things up and make a change in your home? With so many colors to choose from, it’s often hard to decide on the next color scheme for a room, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. I have done my fair share of experimenting and painting using so many different colors, so choosing the perfect paint color is a subject that is close to my heart. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Stacy Molander, owner and lead designer of Rusted Window. Her store is located inside the Indiana Design Center in Carmel, Indiana. It was a real treat to hear from her and gain some insight into her passion for interior design and love of vintage, industrial windows. She founded Rusted Window in 2014 and has more than nineteen professional years of experience as an interior designer and florist. Stacy believes in mixing and matching vintage and industrial unique finds with traditional decor to give each room in your home personality and interest. 

Yelp CT: How important is the color you choose for a room?  

So important! Color has a big effect on mood and attitude!

Yelp CT: Paint first and then furniture?

Never! Don’t put the cart before the horse. Pick your furniture fabrics, art and window coverings then wall color. Your furniture or favorite art piece should help guide your wall colors.

Yelp CT: What are the moods that particular colors radiate? 

Red- Passionate and aggressive
Orange-  Playful and energetic
Yellow- Happy and friendly
Green-  Stable and prosperous
Blue- Serene, inviting and trustworthy
Purple- Luxurious, romantic and mysterious
Pink- Innocent and feminine
Brown- Earthy and rustic
Black- Sophisticated and edgy
White- Clean and crisp
Grey- Neutral and gloomy

Yelp CT: If a room has little light, what would you recommend? If a room is full of light, do you have more options for going with a dark color? 

A lighter color will brighten up the space. You can risk a darker color in a well lit room, but if it is a small room it will make it feel smaller. Darker colors make rooms feel smaller. Lighter colors can make smaller rooms feel larger.

Yelp CT: Is white a color? When do you recommend using white? Where could you see black being used? Is black a color?

White is a color and I love the clean feeling the right white gives a room. White is a great option if you will be displaying colorful artwork you want to pop. Really any room will work with lighter colors. I reserve dark colors for studies, theater rooms and large rooms. I have painted the top two feet of a laundry room a dark color, but the bottom board and batten were white. I also have used black in a master bedroom feature wall. I love black on doors, handrails, cabinets, cabinets and feature walls. Black is a color. It’s neutral. 

Yelp CT: Let’s talk about bold colored paint. What is your “go to” bold color if you had to pick one?

Navy blue. I am more conservative with my wall colors, I like my art and accessories to pop. 

Yelp CT: What’s your dream color scheme? What colors look good together? What’s your favorite color combo?

I love Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, Intellectual Gray and Extra White. My favorite color combo is charcoal, white and black. 

Yelp CT: If you had a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom as a blank canvas, what color would you personally pick for each room and why? What colors are more appropriate for each room? 

I think it is subjective to what appeals to you. That said, I stay away from red as a wall color in any room. I would go Intellectual Gray for the living room and kitchen because I love a neutral palette in the common area that I can jazz up with color and with my seasonal décor. For the bathroom, I like Sherwin Williams Lullaby for a spa feeling. Continuing the spa feeling into the bedroom, I like Sherwin Williams Stardew. It is slightly darker than Lullaby, but still a light color.

Yelp CT: What is the best advice you would give to someone trying to pick out the perfect paint color? 

  1. Pick an inspiration piece for the room: art, rug or furniture and build from there.
  2. Remember if you go darker in a smaller space, the color will be even darker because the walls reflect on one another.
  3. Take a chance and pick a color that makes you happy! 

More about Stacy and Rusted Window: 
Rusted Window is a lifestyle boutique that takes great care in helping its clients create a comfortable, welcoming and gracious feeling not only in their home, but in the gifts they give. Rusted Window carefully curates items in their boutique, mixing new with old, home décor and gifts to cater to its clients’ discerning lifestyles.

Rusted Window floral artisans create and execute all flower designs, gift baskets and weddings/events that can be seen in this portfolio. While not making homes more beautiful, Stacy (and her husband Craig) enjoy spending time with their three kids and two grand pups when not working at the shop.

Open up the Yelp app to find a local interior designer near you or check out Rusted Window for more inspiration. 

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All photos were contributed by Rusted Window.

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